Announcing NodeSource Insiders

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Announcing NodeSource Insiders

As of our August 15th release, we’ve expanded availability of our products to include both a free-forever developer tier and a tier for smaller teams. While we’ve always been proud of our products, this change marks a significant departure for us; it’s the first time in company history that free and startup-friendly pricing has been publicly available.

N|Solid and Certified Modules have always had potential to help the millions of Node.js and JavaScript users worldwide, including the 80% of Node.js users who work in organizations with fewer than 1,000 employees. I’ve been extremely passionate about making our products more accessible to a broader audience during the two years I’ve been at NodeSource,and I believe last month’s announcement is a critical step in achieving that.

We have some exciting enhancements in the works (expect more news in the next few months!), but with a more diverse user base comes the need for more diverse feedback.

In the past, we’ve reached out to our customers, many of whom work in large- or enterprise-size organizations to better understand how we could improve our tools. Since we’ve recently expanded availability to both individual developers and small teams, we’re interested in feedback from individuals from those groups as well.

Beyond our existing tools, we’re doubling down with our focus on solving hard problems to make your life easier, and you know best what's missing. We know production deployments, but you know the pain points throughout development.

In order to connect with y’all and ensure that the platform we’re building is truly useful to developers, no matter where they live or who they work for, there we’ve decided to launch a new program: NodeSource Insiders.

Introducing NodeSource Insiders

Today I’m excited to announce the creation of the NodeSource Insiders program. NodeSource Insiders get a few key benefits, including:

  • Early access to new and experimental features in both N|Solid and Certified Modules
  • Free access to our Professional tier plan
  • Dedicated Developer Relations contact for general and product support questions
  • Access to NodeSource Office Hours, a once-monthly live support session hosted by our experienced Solutions Architects.

Insiders will be asked to weigh in on everything from the usability of new or updated features to the prioritization and relevance of our roadmap. Ultimately, your feedback and suggestions will help us build the next generation of tooling for Node.js and JavaScript developers worldwide.

How You Can Become a NodeSource Insider

If the NodeSource Insiders program sounds interesting to you, we’d love to know. To participate in the first batch of NodeSource Insiders, you can fill out this Google Form to apply. We’ll be reaching out in about a week to applicants, and are going to be looking for about 10-20 individuals with distinctly different technical skill sets, use cases, and backgrounds.

Node.js isn’t just a single community, and we want to be sure to get as diverse a set of Insiders as possible. We’ve always welcomed suggestions, comments, and ideas from the larger technical community, so Insider or not, we truly value your feedback! If you’d like to reach out to us, there are a couple ways you can do so:

Looking Forward

We’re genuinely excited about the new opportunities that building out an offering that can serve individuals, small teams, and massive organizations provides. While we’re still early in the journey, we’re excited to continue to grow along with the Node.js and JavaScript ecosystems in providing unique and universally useful developer tooling… and working with you at every step of the way to ensure we’re creating truly awesome things 💚

The NodeSource platform offers a high-definition view of the performance, security and behavior of Node.js applications and functions.

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