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About NodeSource

We empower organizations of all sizes to successfully adopt and integrate Node.js by providing products and services that enable teams to build, manage, and analyze mission-critical applications.

Node.js powers the software we use every day, from web, mobile, and desktop applications to API back-ends, connected devices, and even robots. Valued for enabling increased agility, Node.js is growing in popularity as part of the long-term technology plans in many organizations.

NodeSource was founded in 2014 to be the premier vendor for companies rapidly adopting Node.js. Today, the Node.js application runtime is the fastest-growing open source project on Earth, and is used in some capacity by every Fortune 500 organization.

NodeSource helps organizations run production-ready Node.js applications with greater visibility into resource usage and enhanced awareness around application performance and security.

The NodeSource product suite is built around the N|Solid runtime, a drop-in replacement for the Node.js runtime that offers low-impact performance monitoring and enhanced security. Alone or alongside our Professional Services and Support offerings, the NodeSource platform helps to mitigate security risk and provide deep operational visibility into mission-critical applications.

The N|Solid delivers enhanced security and unparalleled visibility into application performance and health. Customizable security policies and real-time vulnerability scanning of third-party JavaScript modules running in production help protect code against malicious attacks. Detailed application metrics help teams identify issues sooner, reduce time to resolution, deliver peak performance, and keep infrastructure costs under control.

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About Node.js®

Node.js® is a platform built on Chrome's JavaScript runtime, whose original intent was to building fast, scalable network applications. Since its inception, it has been widely adopted for just about every kind of technical use case you can think of – web applications, build tooling, dependency management, Internet of Things, desktop applications, and so much more.

Node.js is used by everyone from the world's newest startups to the leading enterprise companies, powering some of the most important sites in the world. Companies like Condé Nast, Mastercard, PayPal, Dow Jones, F5, Fidelity and Qualcomm Life, rely on Node.js to deliver mission-critical experiences.

About N|Solid™

N|Solid is NodeSource’s distribution of Node.js, focused on providing additional insight into Node.js applications.

The N|Solid runtime tracks and builds off Node.js LTS releases, augmenting Node.js with the N|Solid agent that enables you to connect hundreds of processes to the N|Solid Console and automatically collect performance and security information about every process and act on it accordingly.

With N|Solid, you can automatically trigger heap snapshots and CPU profiles in production, then dig in to the results to spot performance-degrading issues. Beyond that, if a vulnerability is publicly disclosed in a module that your production code is using, we can surface that data within minutes – enabling you to know about possible vulnerable code in production as soon as humanly possible.