N|Solid — Node.js that's Secure, Reliable, and Extensible from NodeSource
  • Process Monitoring
  • Worker Threads Monitoring
  • CPU Profiling
  • Capture Heap Snapshots
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • 3rd party Modules Certification
  • Global Alerts & Integrations
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Start monitoring your Node.js processes.

N|Solid SaaS Beta is now available!

N|Solid SaaS is focused on small and medium-sized companies that want to monitor their Node.js processes with the best tooling available.


Key Features

CPU Profiling

CPU Profiling allows you to understand where opportunities exist to improve the speed and load capacity of your Node processes.

  • Capture and address performance bottlenecks that are inhibiting peak Node.js performance.
  • Shows what functions consume what percent of CPU time. This information can provide you a better understanding of how your application is executed, and how exactly resources are allocated.

Worker Threads Monitoring

Worker Threads monitoring provides developers the ability to improve the performance of CPU intensive-work.

  • Have in-depth metrics of each worker thread just as they have leveraged them previously on the main thread.
  • Compare threads.
  • Debug and find solutions for any problems while using threads in production.
  • Seamless, integrated, with zero overhead, backwards compatible and includes CLI support.

Capture Heap Snapshots

Taking heap snapshots is a great way to help identify the underlying problem when faced with a memory leak or performance issue.

  • By looking at these snapshots, you can begin to understand where and how memory is being used.
  • N|Solid provides several ways to capture snapshots: the N|Solid Console, the N|Solid CLI, and the N|Solid Node API.
  • You can compare snapshots, which makes debugging memory leaks a snap.

Vulnerability Scanning & 3rd-Party Modules Certification

The N|Solid Console can be configured to perform periodic verification of all packages loaded by all N|Solid processes.

  • All loaded packages are verified against a list of known vulnerabilities.
  • When new vulnerabilities are found, information about each vulnerability will be reported in the Console. Notification options can be configured.
  • Provides actionable insights into the risk levels in your use of third-party packages.

Global Alerts & Integrations

You can configure the N|Solid Console to notify you when new vulnerabilities are found in your applications.

  • You can add Integrations to Slack, Microsoft Teams, email or Webhooks to be invoked when a new vulnerability is found.

Process Monitoring

Monitor your Node.js processes with low-impact performance insights and greater security.

  • The most advanced Node.js monitoring and diagnostic tools to help identify and tackle tricky issues.
  • Deep performance insights to build highly reliable applications minimizing infrastructure costs.
  • Mitigate unseen security risks with custom security policies and real-time vulnerability scanning.

Enterprise Node.js (N|Solid™)

npx nsolid-quickstart --demo

Try our one command, zero-config, self-guided demo (click to copy it and paste into your terminal).

Built for the Enterprise

N|Solid is designed for the modern Enterprise with Federated Authentication and Role Based Access Control.

Painless Implementation

Streamlined installation means you can get started in minutes. N|Solid is fully-compatible with Node.js and no changes to application code required.

Performance at Scale

Node.js is fast, but APMs slow it down. Enterprise Node.js (NSolid) delivers monitoring that doesn’t slow you down as you scale your business.

Deploy Now!

Build better Node.js applications. N|Solid SaaS or On-Prem/Self-hosted.

3rd-Party Integrations


Running Node.js in the cloud? N|Solid is available for use with AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure.


For containerized Node.js applications, N|Solid also includes Docker and Kubernetes support out of the box.


Focus on what matters and let us take care of keeping it up with our SaaS offering. Try it now!

N|Solid provides unparalleled performance and security monitoring for a variety of deployments and team sizes.


Other Integrations


You can configure Slack notifications by creating a Slack Incoming Webhook, selecting a channel to post the messages and click the Add Incoming Webhooks Integration button.

Microsoft Teams

You can configure Microsoft Teams notifications by creating an Incoming Webhook and use it to configure the Microsoft Teams integration in Settings > Integrations.

PagerDuty Integrations

You can configure notifications to use PagerDuty incidents feature in Settings > GlobalNotifications and select the configured PagerDuty Notification from the drop down.

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