NodeSource featured as Cybersecurity Training Solutions by Cybernews

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NodeSource featured as one of the top Cybersecurity Awareness Training Solutions by Cybernews

At NodeSource our mission is to help companies achieve significant time reductions in their processes, allowing them to be more efficient in the performance of their node.js applications. N|Solid is a product, APM —Application performance monitoring — that helps us detect improvement opportunities, detecting vulnerabilities and supporting security, among other amazing features. Something important to note is that we do our magic directly in production.

We want to accompany developers from the beginning of their journey, being next to them, making it possible that their code is secure and performant from day one. In addition, in complex infrastructures, we conduct audits of development processes in Node.js and deliver specialized training with our Node experts.


As a software company, we have been in the industry since the beginning of Node, focusing on accompanying the adoption of the language from the Enterprise level; now, we also have N|Solid SaaS, and we are very proud to be recognized by as one of the top Cybersecurity Awareness Training Solutions, as NODESOURCE.

For those who might not be familiar with, it is an online publication focusing on the latest tech news and providing valuable resources and product reviews.

We are Node experts, and it is rewarding to be noticed for our extreme effort and knowledge. The recognition of the industry leaders and the constant feedback from the developers, who are our clients, drives us to work hard to create the best APM for Node in the Market, N|Solid, and attend all-size companies in their Node Journey.

If you want to know more about our vision of how post-COVID companies can be better prepared to ensure strong network and device protection for remote employees, we invite you to read the incredible interview of our VP of engineering for Cybernews HERE.


If you want to start with N|Solid, it is as easy as creating your account and enjoying it for free with a 4 processes plan, or if you need more, we have a special code to receive a discount in 8 or 12 processes. We launched this code a few days ago in the OpenJS World 2022 for time-limited.


If you also want to know more about our initiative called #NodeForest, we invite you to read the full story HERE. To put it short, for each paid client in our SaaS version we will plant a tree in Medellín, Colombia, thus contributing to reducing our digital footprint.
We are green inside and out! 💚 #SustainableSoftware

The NodeSource platform offers a high-definition view of the performance, security and behavior of Node.js applications and functions.

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