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You have reached the beginning of time!

N|Solid SaaS is now FREE!✨

We launched N|Solid SaaS into beta last year to make available our enterprise-grade Node.js tools more accessible, especially for smaller teams and individual developers. N|Solid is the best observability and insights tool to manage Node performance and security, trusted by developers and enterprise organizations across the globe, built by Node Experts.

We received amazing feedback from our SaaS customers about how easy it was to set up and get immediate results as well as how well the product performed overall.

So we decided to make our entry-level tier FREE so that more developers can try N|Solid and see for themselves why it’s the best APM for Node.js. —You don't need to add your credit card to get started for free— try it out!

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N|Solid security is built-in

  • Customizable policies detect vulnerabilities faster.
  • Certified Modules - Brings trust to third-party code with Certified Modules.

NodeSource Certified Modules provides you and your teams with actionable insights into the risk levels that are present in your use of third-party packages. Using a series of tests, we score packages on npm to look based on different criteria to help you understand the level of risk exposure and tips about how to mitigate it.


NCM CLI - https://www.npmjs.com/package/ncm-cli

The NCM CLI allows you to scan your projects for:
- Existing security vulnerabilities. - License concerns. - Code risks and code quality.

And moreover, for those special Continuous Integration workflows, NodeSource Certified Modules also works in offline mode.

Solve your Node.js problems up to 4x faster with N|Solid.

N|Solid was built to help you to identify and resolve your Node.js problems 4x faster.

APM’s Performance Dashboard - https://benchmark.nodesource.com/

Identify Opportunities to improve with N|Solid

Identify where opportunities exist to improve the speed and capacity of your Node applications:

  • CPU Profiling 👉 Performance (Speed) Understand where opportunities exist to improve the speed and load capacity of your Node processes.

  • Heap Snapshots 👉 Memory leaks (Capacity) A great way to help identify the underlying problem when faced with a memory leak or performance issue.

Understand what’s happening inside your app

N|Solid provides you with a high-res full picture of your system.

  • Projects & Applications

Get more detailed and atomic information from your Node.js applications.

  • Processes

Monitor your Node.js processes with low-impact performance insights and greater security.

  • Worker Threads (We’re the only APM to get to this very level of detail).

Have in-depth metrics of each worker thread just as they have leveraged them previously on the main thread. Never miss an insight.

Uncover issues like a pro

You don’t need to be a performance expert to understand what’s happening inside your app. #KnowYourNode here you can break down these new features layer by layer.

Let us do the heavy lifting for you with automatic detection capabilities:

  • CPU & Memory Anomaly Detection:

Provides an overview of your applications' performance across all or a subset of connected processes. Identify anomalies without false positives. Insights and historic metrics, before and after the incident happened.

And many more features in N|Solid:

  • HTTP tracing support HTTP tracing gathers throughput and the lifecycle of any HTTP, DNS, or other types of request.

  • Global alerts & Integrations You can add Integrations to Slack, Microsoft Teams, email, or Webhooks to be.

  • Vulnerability Scanning When new vulnerabilities are found, information about each vulnerability will be reported in the Console. Notification options can be configured.

Go to N|Solid product page to know more about our functionalities.


Are you already taking advantage of N|Solid SaaS!

If you were in the tier of 4 processes, 1 user, automatically the upgrade was applied to the 8 processes and 5 users level, maintaining the same price. Now, you’ll be able to observe double the processes!

We believe that teams like yours will gain many benefits from this. However, if you feel your application only needs to observe the minimum, we are happy to continue your application for free, just contact us, we will be happy to help!

On the other hand, if you want to extend and increase the benefits of N|Solid in production, contact us through this form.

Build better software

"Our mission is to help companies to use Node.js to its fullest potential. SaaS increases the accessibility of N|Solid to a larger audience so we can help the world build better software."
Russ Whitman - NodeSource CEO

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at info@nodesource.com or in this form.

To get the best out of Node.js, start N|Solid SaaS for FREE, an augmented version of the Node.js runtime, enhanced to deliver low-impact performance insights and greater security for mission-critical Node.js applications. #KnowyourNode

The NodeSource platform offers a high-definition view of the performance, security and behavior of Node.js applications and functions.

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