NodeSource's Unwavering Commitment to Node.js

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NodeSource's Unwavering Commitment to Node.js

Earlier today, the Node.js Foundation Board announced a review of governance for the Node.js project, as well as potential future changes to the structure of the Technical Steering Committee (TSC), Core Technical Committee (CTC), and Community Committee. This announcement follows recent internal discussion concerning adherence to the open source project’s existing Code of Conduct policy, which applies to all contributors, including those in leadership roles.

Diversity and inclusivity are core NodeSource values, and our team includes contributors from a wide range of backgrounds, experiences, and geographies. While we as an organization span four continents, 11 time zones, and more than a half-dozen spoken languages, we are united in our belief that our diverse perspectives and experiences make us stronger.

While no group effort is ever free of disagreements, our team's success is built on mutual respect. Through initiatives such as an annual community stipend for each employee and company-wide workshops to encourage empathy and effective communication, we empower everyone to travel, learn, teach, and give back. And giving back is a popular theme; team members have circled the globe to speak at community-focused conferences and have even provided free coding workshops to young women in Latin America.

Ideas flourish when a community is welcoming and supportive. At NodeSource, we support a Node.js community that's as open, inclusive and globally accessible as possible. We believe that our focus on bringing in a diversity of opinions, including those in the enterprise and those well beyond Silicon Valley, will continue to make Node.js the fastest-growing open source project on Earth.

The NodeSource platform offers a high-definition view of the performance, security and behavior of Node.js applications and functions.

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