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NodeSource Loves Latin America

One of the things I love the most about JavaScript and Node.js is the community, I've been part of this amazing group of people since I started with Node.js back in 2012.

I'm from a city that has been experiencing a really powerful transformation, from being one of the most violent and dangerous cities in the world back in the 80's to one of the most innovative according to the Wall Street Journal in 2013. I've been witness of the power of the community through my experience organizing MedellinJS and participating in different events all around Latin America, we have been experiencing an awakening in the region and every day there are more and more communities interested not only in the technology but in the transformation that is happening around it.

I'm really happy to work for NodeSource, not only because we are having a great impact in the enterprise but also in the community. Since I joined NodeSource in July 2014 I had the opportunity to work not only for the community in Colombia but also for communities in Guatemala and Argentina through activities related to Node.js and the idea is to keep spreading the word and motivating other communities all around Latin America.

International NodeBots Day (July 26 - 26, 2014) - Medellín, Colombia

We had a two day event with ~50 attendees per day, we did Node.js and NodeBots workshops.

July 26

NodeBots Day 1st Day

July 27

NodeBots Day 2nd day

Coderise Maker Party at Jesus María (School for Women) - Medellín, Colombia

We were giving web development fundamentals workshops to ~70 girls from 12 to 17 years in a middle and high school. This is part of our web evangelism and volunteering program called Coderise

Event link

Coderise Maker Party

NodeSchool for Girls (September 20, 2014) - Medellín, Colombia

As a community we are working on bringing more women to programming, for NodeSchool for Girls we taught Programming Fundamentals with JavaScript and learnyounode to 25 women.

Event link

NodeSchool for Girls

NodeSchool at Barcamp (October 4, 2014) - Medellín, Colombia

Barcamp is a technology and innovation event that happens every year in Medellín, this year we were giving NodeSchool workshops to ~200 attendees interested in learning Node.js, this was an open space with people attending to learnyounode, streams-adventure and express-works NodeSchool workshops.

Event link

NodeSchool at Barcamp

Foro de Innovación Tecnológica (October 6 - 10, 2014) - Guatemala City, Guatemala

Foro de Innovación Tecnológica is one of the most important technology events in Guatemala, Organized by Galileo University. It has a week of Software and Hardware focused content. We gave two main workshops: Realtime Node.js and the Internet of Things with 35 attendees and BeagleBone Black development with Node.js with 25 attendees. We also helped with NodeRockets (~50 attendees) and NodeBots related events: NodeSoccer and SumoBots Competition. In this event we worked with NodeBots community from Mexico, Colombia and Guatemala, also a new community was created in a small town (formerly Mayan) in Guatemala called Huehuetenango

Event link


JSConf Argentina (November 28, 2014) - Buenos Aires, Argentina

NodeSource was one of the sponsors of JSConf Argentina, we gave a talk about Hardware Hacking and Robotics with JavaScript and the NodeBots community, it showed robots and music instruments improved and controlled with Node.js.

Event link

JSConf Argentina

NodeBots Buenos Aires (December 5, 2015) - Buenos Aires, Argentina

After JSConf Argentina the Node.js community in Buenos Aires organized a NodeBots workshop with 40 attendees from local JavaScript and Arduino communities, this was the beginning of a new NodeBots community in Latin America!.

Event link

NodeBots Buenos Aires

This year we will have activities in Uruguay, Mexico and Guatemala and hoping to visit more countries, stay tuned for more Node.js love in Latin America

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