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Need to Node – Volume 40

npm passes the 1 million package milestone, Node v12.4.0 (Current) Released and webinar that you should check out tomorrow: Node.js and Serverless - an Evolving Space, Gaps and Benefits.

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What’s New in the Node.js Project

  • This is the month for Node.js milestones! Not only did the runtime turn 10 years old, but also npm reached the 1 million package!
  • To celebrate the first decade of Node.js, check out the History of Node.js on a Timeline
  • Node v12.4.0 (Current) Released the speed of Node releases continues to impress! This release includes:
    • The JSON variant of the API documentation is no longer experimental
    • You can now override the default HTTP server socket timeout (of 2 minutes) using the --http-server-default-timeout flag
    • You can use the experimental --heap-prof flag to start the V8 heap profiler and write the heap profile to disk before exit.
    • In V8, the object returned by v8.getHeapStatistics() has two new properties: number_of_native_contexts and number_of_detached_contexts
  • In just four days, the Node+JS Interactive CFP will close, so hurry up and submit your proposal!
  • There is an issue on the Technical Steering Committee to add two new collaborator roles on the Node.js project:
    • Triage (beta): Recommended for contributors who need to proactively manage issues and pull requests without write access
    • Maintain (beta): Recommended for project managers who need to manage the repository without access to sensitive or destructive actions
  • Now that the Collab Summit is over, there is an issue to run a retrospective on the Summit, about what went well and what can be improved from different perspectives (organizers, attendees, collaborators). If you went to the Summit, please share your opinion!

Awesome Articles, Links, and Resources

One Last Thing...

If you find any awesome Node.js or JavaScript things over the next week (or beyond!), never hesitate to reach out to us on Twitter at @NodeSource to share and get it included in Need to Node - our DMs are open if you don’t want to share publicly!

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