#NeedToNode Recap: Using NodeSource N|Solid on AWS

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#NeedToNode Recap: Using NodeSource N|Solid on AWS

Amazon Web Services - Amazon's cloud hosting solution, also known as AWS, providing a large suite of products catering to deploying and hosting applications - has become a tool of choice for many developers and companies for running their Node.js applications in the cloud.

With AWS widespread use as a tool for those working with Node.js, our January #NeedToNode webinar with Nathan White, we were able to learn how to deploy NodeSource N|Solid on AWS to have a environment with built-in security and insight to run production Node.js applications. Here's a quick recap of the January’s webinar, with key takeaways, resources, and people of interest.

Top 3 Takeaways

  • You can now deploy NodeSource N|Solid with a single click to AWS
  • N|Solid provides enterprise-grade tooling for Node.js security and monitoring
  • The N|Solid AMI is a drop-in replacement for your current Node.js runtime


Webinar Recap

NodeSource N|Solid is an enterprise-grade platform for Node.js applications that enables a range of security, monitoring, and debugging tooling for developers. It’s a drop in replacement for Node.js, which means no code changes are needed to your application. N|Solid provides enhanced security through real-time scanning for known vulnerabilities, performance metrics insight, and access to powerful debugging tools such as CPU profiling and visualization.

AWS is the leading provider of cloud computing. Companies leverage it’s large list of service offerings to run their infrastructure on. Node.js has enjoyed massive success with AWS - not only as a manually deployed runtime on EC2 instances, but also as a first-class citizen on services such as Elastic Beanstalk and Lambda.

The N|Solid is now available on the AWS Marketplace. The one click deployment is the easiest way to stand up an N|Solid deployment inside your AWS environment. The N|Solid Console AMI is preconfigured with the N|Solid Console and Nginx with basic authentication - all running on Ubuntu 16.04, with full root access into the instance to add SSL or change the credentials.


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