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Last Week in Node.js Working Groups - September 4th

We had a lighter week in the Node.js community this week, with several discussions around different projects continuing and a few new conversations sprouting up.

📰 News from the Working Groups

  • The Website WG is currently working on building out Contributor List tooling, to enable accounting for of current contributors to the repo and crediting them.
  • A proposal was submitted to the TSC to mothball and archive the nodejs-eps process, citing several other initiatives like node-chakracore, http/2, and ESM.
  • Yarn 1.0 was released recently, and after several PRs and issues the Docker WG shared that it’ll begin shipping the Node.js Docker images with the most updated version (1.0.1) with the next Node.js release in line with their release policy.
  • Discussion in the TSC was kicked off around the perceived blockage of the Zones proposal.
  • A discussion around an alternative strategy to moderation was started in the Community Committee repository.

📦 Project Releases

  • None last week!

📺 Live Node.js Meetings

  • None last week!

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