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Last Week in Node.js Working Groups - June 19th

Last week we had a flurry of technical content - issues and PRs - from the various WGs and projects. I'm personally excited to see so much detail-oriented work going into these projects as they continue to grow and pick up even more steam.

📰 News from the Working Groups

  • A discussion was kicked off in the N-API repo to begin adding a migration path for JSON APIs
  • A docs update for Node.js ChakraCore adding contribution guidelines unique to the project was submitted
  • A PR to Node.js ChakraCore adding in support for VS2013 was submitted and has undergone some review
  • A PR with discussion around the possibility of testing readable-stream on IE 7 and 8 was submitted
  • An issue with a seemingly serious performance regression for the HTTP/2 implementation was created, and then subsequently patched a few days later.
  • An issue tracking the (relatively smooth) process of removing the Node.js 7.x release lines from nightly benchmarking was created and finalized. Bye bye, Node.js 7. 👋

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