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Last Week in Node.js Working Groups - July 3rd

Settling down a bit from last week's torrent of activity in the Working Group, there was still a good amount of activity last week across the org. In compiling this, I did notice a suite of deeper, extremely focused technical issues being addressed that fall outside the scope of this recap - and that we're already off to a good start for another very active week this week.

📰 News from the Working Groups

  • A PR was submitted to the website repo adding next/previous buttons in the Guides section
  • A PR was merged adding social metadata to the website, enabling rich embeds on social sites for
  • In an issue from last week, Build WG is discussing a build failure paradox with Jenkins.
  • An issue request to add jobs in the build pipeline for the readable-stream WG was kicked off.
  • The Docker WG has an ongoing discussion around the recent important npm@5 upgrade
  • Further discussion around candidate areas for the TSC and CommComm has begun in an older issue in the TSC repo.

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