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Last Week in Node.js Working Groups - June 26th

We had a ton of activity from the Node.js WGs and the overall Node.js Org last week. In addition to four live meetings, we saw issues and PRs from both technical and non-technical groups like llnode, the Node.js Collection team, the Build WG and more.

News from the Working Groups

  • A WIP PR was submitted to the llnode repo adding an npm script to improve ease of use for llnode and open it up to a wider range of developers.
  • The Evangelism WG is in the process of moving from being under the CTC to under the Community Committee.
  • A PR was created to add guidelines for coordinating efforts between Individual Membership Directors and the Community Committee.
  • An issue was kicked off in the Build WG discussing the possibility of creating a CI pipeline for llnode, aiming to improve testing to prevent small, platform-specific issues.
  • The new Node.js Collection Team has now landed their and is beginning work on getting more technical editors for the Node.js Collection Medium Publication.
  • A PR was submitted to update the Node.js Foundation Board Bylaws .
  • A discussion around creating a policy for who is an owner of the Node.js GitHub Org was opened in the TSC.
  • A PR was submitted to add social meta tags to, enabling prettier embeds on sites that enable rich embeds with OpenGraph and Twitter Cards metadata.
  • The Docker WG has an open PR for Node.js 8.1.3 on Docker.
  • A PR was submitted to the Security repo adding a machine-readable list of security vulnerability reports in JSON, with tooling to keep the machine-readable list updated
  • Discussion around frameworks and tooling for the Node.js Installer was kicked off and is looking for input and feedback

Project Releases

Live Node.js Meetings

  • Node.js TSC Meeting
  • Node.js Community LTS Meeting
  • Node.js Post-mortem with Promises Meeting
  • Node.js Foundation Public Board Meeting
    • Note: The audio is mangled on this video.
    • Video

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