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Last Week in Node.js Working Groups - January 23, 2017

The week of January 23 has a suite of highlights, including developments on Node.js guides, the Async-Hooks Enhancement proposal, and node-gyp. There were no new releases in the project this week.

Weekly Highlights

  • The TSC is discussing moving to rotating meeting times, like the CTC. [Issue]
  • Guide documents for Node.js have been moved into the website repo and show now be more accessible. [Commit]
  • The Community repo is discussing what might be the most appropriate tool for future real-time chat communication within the Node community. [Issue]
  • The Async-Hooks Enhancement Proposal has been merged. [commit]
  • The Benchmarking WG is discussing dropping Node 0.12 from [Pull Request]
  • An Enhancement Proposal for JS Tracing APIs has been proposed and is gathering lots of discussion. [Pull Request]
  • node-gyp may soon be able to run without Python installed via gyp.js. [Pull Request]

WG Project Releases

  • No WG releases this week.

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