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Last Week in Node.js Working Groups - January 1st, 2018

Due to the holiday season, we’ve not published a Last Week in Node.js for a few weeks - so, this week will cover some of the highlights in the Node.js project over the holiday. There is a lot that happened, covering everything from new programs from the Security WG to a redesign of the Node.js website.

📰 News from the Working Groups

  • The Security WG is continuing its push on the Early Disclosure Program, looking for more participants that would benefit from building Node.js before security releases.
  • The Release WG is working on building out a publicly consumable API for Node.js releases.
  • An issue around build tooling was raised to the TSC regarding transitioning away from gyp and moving to Bazel, a Java-based build tool.
  • An observer of the Community Committee has put extensive effort into building out a base for a mentorship program in the Node.js project - it is currently in the process of moving the work into the Node.js GitHub organization.
  • The Website WG is going to begin moving forward with a redesign of the official Node.js website after several barriers to a full redesign have been addressed.
  • The Diagnostics WG is planning a Summit in Ottawa, CA on February 11th and 12th
  • There’s been a continued discussion in the Benchmarking WG about the performance impact of async_hooks.

📦 Project Releases

📺 Live Node.js Meetings

  • Node.js Security WG Meeting
  • User Feedback Initiative Meeting
  • Node.js Foundation Community Committee Meeting
  • Node.js Foundation Board of Directors’ Meeting

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