How NodeSource Is Helping Enterprises Transition To Node.js

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How NodeSource Is Helping Enterprises Transition To Node.js

Node.js has been entering an important stage in its maturity as a business-critical technology. Gone are the days where companies see Node.js as a risky technology featuring high performance, but with the risk of unknown stability. Instead, we are seeing adoption of Node.js across every industry - with companies large and small. Establishing the Long Term Support (LTS) release cycle helped to both guide and reassure larger companies that they can count on Node.js to be reliable and stable as they build out their 2-year, 5-year and even 10-year technology roadmaps. At NodeSource, our mission is to help companies get the most out of Node.js. Sometimes we do that through our products such as N|Solid and NodeSource Certified Modules, through our services like Architecture Evaluations and Support, and through our involvement in the Node.js Foundation.

But what are companies running into when they look to bring Node.js into their technology stack? At Node Interactive: North America 2016 Dan Shaw, NodeSource CTO, and myself were interviewed by Alex Williams of The New Stack to talk about types of challenges companies are facing with their adoption of Node.js (see The New Stack's article on the topic) and some of the approaches we have seen.

A consistent theme that we have seen when talking with customers is that every company is becoming a technology company. That doesn’t mean every company is in the business of selling hardware or software products, instead technology is a critical part of daily operations. Navigating technology choices correctly can be the competitive advantage which can lead growth over the competitors.

As a Solutions Architect at NodeSource, I get to help our customers navigate some of these challenges. Companies that are still in the startup phase usually have the luxury (or , perhaps, the burden) of being able to choose any solution that solves their problem. Large enterprises have technologies and platforms that may have been in place for decades. They cannot just throw away these systems, as they’re still a core part of the business. That’s the area where NodeSource can really help.

Far fewer companies are talking with us to learn what Node.js is. Instead, they have already decided to use Node.js for a new project, or have already built out and deployed the first version of a Node.js project and are looking to validate their implementation. They are looking for help running their Node.js applications with container technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes, or deploying to their existing Infrastructure-as-a-Service platform, such as Cloud Foundry or OpenShift. They have concerns around managing performance, in addition to being able to successfully troubleshoot and debug production issues. Enterprises are also concerned with challenges of Node.js’ giant module ecosystem. With over 400,000 packages, and no slow down in growth, enterprises are finding that module quality, security, and license compliance concerns can slow Node.js adoption.

It’s probably not surprising that NodeSource has products inline to help enterprises address those concerns. N|Solid is our enterprise-ready runtime which provides additional capabilities over the open-source Node.js runtime, such as improved security features, performance insight and monitoring, and integrated access to debugging tools.

NodeSource has also introduced NodeSource Certified Modules which provides enterprises with additional security, reliability, and support for the modules that they will rely to run their critical business applications. We also offer a full line of Support options as well as an Architecture Evaluation to make sure that when you need help with Node.js, you can have someone to call.

If helping customers with these types of problems sounds like something you would like to do, then I’ve got some good news for you! NodeSource is looking to add more Solutions Architects to the team.

Do you have strong communication skills and don’t mind running demos and speaking directly to customers? Do you have a Node.js background with developing and managing applications in a production environment? If so, then we’re love to hear from you! Our open positions are listed at, but we’re always interested in great candidates. So even if you don’t see the Solutions Architect position, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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