Architecture Evaluations

The NodeSource Architectural Evaluation provides customers with a summary of findings and recommendations for existing and planned Node.js deployments.

Senior NodeSource consultants will examine and evaluate a customer’s current state of Node.js readiness across People, Process, and Technology. Based on our experience working with the leading Enterprise innovators with Node.js, we will deliver customized recommendations and a roadmap for getting the most out of your investment in Node.js.


Customers typically engage NodeSource at one or more of the following stages:

  • Currently running Node in a lab or small team and ready to expand usage of Node
  • Planning to run Node in production and looking for an audit before launching to Production
  • Have launched Node in Production and looking to increase the footprint of Node throughout the IT organization


Over the course of 5 days, NodeSource experts will:

  • Evaluate your existing architecture including, but not limited to, system workflows, infrastructure targets, deployment processes, and overall architecture.
  • Evaluate existing talent, skills, organization, and processes.
  • Based on these evaluations, build a roadmap and specific recommendations across people, process, and technology to ensure successful growth and use of Node within your unique environment.

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