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8 Node.js Events to Attend in 2017

We're nearing the halfway mark on 2017. In the world of Node.js developers and DevOps, we've had several great events already - DockerCon, Microsoft Build, JSConf EU, and a handful of others.

Looking toward the second half of the year, there's a bunch of events that I'm extremely excited for. I've collected eight of those events in this post - I know that there will inevitably be some truly awesome Node.js content at each of these events, and I wanted to share that context with you.

If you end up attending any of these events, be sure to keep an eye out for the NodeSource team. We'll be at most of them, but don't hesitate to reach out to us individually or on Twitter and say hello - the team is always happy to have a chat!

Node.js and JavaScript Events



Date: July 26-27, 2017

Location: San Francisco, California, USA

NodeSummit Site

NodeSummit is an annual Node.js-focused conference in San Francisco, California. It’s a gathering of a bunch of both the individuals who have helped make Node.js what it is, in addition to the companies using Node.js at a, frankly, massive scale. NodeSummit was the first pure Node.js conference I ever attended, and it was a truly amazing experience.

Node.js Interactive North America


Date: October 4-6, 2017

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia

Node.js Interactive Site

Node.js Interactive is the conference put on by the Node.js Foundation every year. Back for its third year in North America, the conference will be heading up North to Vancouver, British Columbia.

I am definitely excited for this year’s event - last year in Austin was a really great experience, meeting so many people from a variety of backgrounds, companies, and interests all converging around a single Node.js event.

JSConf Colombia


Date: November 3-4, 2017

Location: Medellin, Colombia

JSConf Colombia Site

JSConf Colombia is a community-run JavaScript conference in Colombia, focusing on the developer side of JavaScript. The lineup looks like it’s stacking up pretty nicely already, with some speakers who have some truly fantastic stories and experience to share.

If you’re interested in submitting a proposal for a talk, the JSConf Colombia CFP will be open until June 16th - go and submit a talk! The JSConf Colombia organizers are honestly some of the nicest, most friendly people I’ve ever known - I know they’d be happy to have you!



Date: June 13th, 2017

Location: London, England

FinJS Site

FinJS is a super interesting conference focused on the use of JavaScript, Node.js, and related projects and tech in the Financial industry. The FinJS events take place in both New York City and London - that said, the next event will be on June 13th in London. While very niche, it’s a super interesting conference with extremely limited availability. At the time of writing, there are still tickets left - if you’re interested in going, be sure to get your tickets as soon as possible!

Developer & DevOps Events

Cloud Foundry Summit Silicon Valley 2017


Date: June 13-15, 2017

Location: Santa Clara, California, USA

Cloud Foundry Summit Site

The Cloud Foundry Summit is an event that’s focused on the deployment of applications at-scale with Cloud Foundry. Cloud Foundry is a platform-agnostic cloud that allows some abstraction of your cloud to a standardized platform.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the Node.js talks and workshops at the event - there’s an entire Node.js track, with a bunch of talks that look great. To see the full schedule of Node.js talks, check out the schedule and take a look at the Cloud Native Node.js track.

MongoDB World 2017


Date: June 20-21, 2017

Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA

MongoDB World Site

MongoDB World is the biggest event for users of MongoDB, globally. MongoDB and Node.js have been a combo that has been in use for a long time, with several standardized stacks (like MEAN and MERN) that feature MongoDB pretty prominently. MongoDB World is definitely going to be a good event for talks about Node.js and the surrounding ecosystem of tooling on the developer side.

AWS re:Invent


Date: November 27th - December 1st, 2017

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

AWS re:Invent Site

AWS re:Invent is AWS re:Invent - it’s a truly massive conference with a ton of different focuses that you’ll definitely be able to get something from as a Node.js developer.

Even if you’re not deploying in production to AWS, there’s going to be talks and workshops that offer insight into deploying applications and services to production in the cloud as a modern platform for software development that will help you grow as a developer.

CloudNativeCon + KubeCon North America


Date: December 6-8, 2017

Location: Austin, Texas, USA

CloudNativeCon + KubeCon Site

CloudNativeCon (with KubeCon) is an event that pulls on every project of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (the CNCF) into one convention as a central place to learn and discover the tools - Kubernetes, Prometheus, OpenTracing, Fluentd, Linkerd, gRPC, CoreDNS, containerd, and rkt - that are becoming a more integral part of the modern cloud.

Just one more thing...

If you'd like to keep reading about Node.js, community, events, and the open-source project, we've got some great resources for you.

Be sure to tune in to our Community blog posts - we share a bunch of event news and recaps, like our Microsoft Build and DockerCon briefs, in addition to content around what's going on in the Node.js Community - like my Introduction to the Node.js Community Committee.

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The NodeSource platform offers a high-definition view of the performance, security and behavior of Node.js applications and functions.

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