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What is NodeSource Certified Modules?

The Node.js ecosystem is home to nearly half a million modules, but not all of these are secure, well-maintained, or up to date.

Yet organizations rely upon untrusted third-party Node modules to run mission-critical applications and services.

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What does "Certified" mean?
NodeSource evaluates publicly available packages based on weighted criteria to determine a “trust score” for each package, monitoring for security vulnerabilities on an ongoing basis to identify emerging risk.

With Certified Modules, NodeSource provides a quantified level of trust in each of the modules we certify.

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Why Use Certified Modules?

NodeSource Certified Modules provides a trust score for each module that we certify, with ongoing monitoring for security vulnerabilities to identify emerging risks.

This allows organizations to take advantage of the wide range of modules available within the ecosystem, with an added layer of assurance provided by NodeSource.


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