Bring trust to third-party code.

NodeSource Certified Modules (NCM) is NodeSource’s package monitoring tool for quality, compliance, and security assurance that helps you take advantage of third-party Node.js modules.

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What does "Certified" mean?

NodeSource evaluates publicly-available packages based on weighted criteria and uses a custom algorithm to compute a “trust score” for each package.

When packages are added or updated they are evaluated against critical, major, and minor criteria, giving your team up-to-date information on the security and reliability of modules.

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Certified Modules is a plug-and-play enhancement for your Node.js and JavaScript development workflow.

After creating your NodeSource account:


Monitornpm install changes

Gain insight into exactly what packages are in your environment every time you npm install – vulnerability data, license information, code quality metrics, and more.

Inspect every module within your project’s dependency tree on a granular level

Quickly surface your vulnerabilities, their severity, compliance and code quality issues to understand exactly what’s in your environment, what was recently introduced and removed.

Whitelist The Not-So-Great Modules You Require

If there’s a module that has a known vulnerability or non-compliant license that you simply must have, you can whitelist it at an org-wide level.

Protect your builds in CICD

NCM can now protect you as part of your CICD pipeline. It observes the security and license information and proceeds to interrupt a build if severe security and compliance concerns would render you vulnerable in production.

Build out your Team

In organizations, you can add multiple team members, depending on what plan you’re using. Team members have different levels of access, including organization administrators, and team members.

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