DockerCon Debrief - Join the NodeSource team at DockerCon!

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DockerCon Brief - Join the NodeSource team at DockerCon 2017!

Next week the NodeSource team will be heading off to DockerCon (April 17-20) in Austin, Texas! We're excited to be heading to the conference and talking to people about Node.js, Docker, orchestration, and the ever-growing landscape of conainers, devops, and the Enterprise.

I wanted to share an overview of what we'll be doing at DockerCon and how you can catch up with us if you'll be there.

Monday at DockerCon:

DockerCon officially starts on Monday. The day warms up with Registration, moves on to workshops, and ends off with the conference welcome reception.

If you'd like to get in touch with one of our team sometime during the week, we'd love to talk about Node.js, Docker, modern DevOps, and more. On monday, feel free to set up a meeting with us for a more personal meeting. If you'd just like to chat with the team, feel free to stop by NodeSource booth on Tuesday or Wednesday!

Tuesday at DockerCon:

Tuesday is the first day of keynotes, talks, and more. If you want to come by and say hi to the team and grab some never before seen NodeSource swag, you'll be able to find the NodeSource booth (booth E5, if you want to make a beeline to us) in the exhibitor hall.

We'll be announcing something that we're all really excited about on Tuesday morning - be sure to keep an eye out for it here on the blog or via @NodeSource on Twitter.

Wednesday at DockerCon:

Wednesday is the second day of keynotes, breakouts, and networking sessions - again, you'll be able to find the NodeSource in the exhibitor hall, or grab a meeting with us if you're interested in doing a bit of a deeper-dive.

Thursday at DockerCon:

On Thursday, we'll be hosting a Node.js DevOps Training at the Conde Nast offices in Austin, that focuses on deploying Node.js with modern tooling. This training has zero pre-requisite of knowledge of deploying Node.js apps with containers and how Node.js and Docker will interact. Some knowledge of either Node.js or Docker will be beneficial - even just reading through some Node.js tutorials would be a great base.

After the training, we'll be at EnterpriseJS at HomeAway's offices in downtown Austin. We've got three fantastic speakers lined up from HomeAway, PayPal, and XO Group.

If you're interested in attending EnterpriseJS, you can register with the code NODESOURCE50 for a 50% discount on tickets. As always, 100% of proceeds from EnterpriseJS go directly to Women Who Code.

I recently did a speaker spotlight on each of the speakers - one on Wes Tyler of XO Group, one on Trevor Livingston of HomeAway, and one on Justin Lowery of PayPal - recently that you should go check out to learn more about them and what they'll be discussing at EnterpriseJS!

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