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EnterpriseJS Speaker Spotlight - Wes Tyler of XO Group

What is EnterpriseJS?

EnterpriseJS is a community focused on sharing experiences of implementing production systems at a massive scale with technologies like Node.js, JavaScript, and the modern stack at the core in the Enterprise.

The very first EnterpriseJS was nearly two years ago and launched in Austin, Texas. Enterprise JavaScript has grown significantly since then and it’s time to gather once again to share experiences. What has worked? What didn’t? How can do continue to innovate and keep the pace of Node.js, while ensuring the reliability necessary to protect mission critical services?

Felicitations from Wes Tyler of XO Group

Wes Tyler is a software engineer at XO Group where he spends most of his time writing Node.js microservices using the Hapi.js framework. Wes wrote and maintains Felicity - a tool for Node.js APIs that use Joi, which provides quick and contained object instantiation, built-in validation, and mock example generation. To learn more about Felicity, check out the announcement post on XO Group’s Engineering blog.

At EnterpriseJS, Wes will be talking about "Node.js API Validation Using Joi - Adding Certainty to a Loosely-Typed World". Simple data validation is an easy and often overlooked security measure when building APIs in Node.

Wes will discuss how to implement data validation in a Node.js API using Joi for the request, response, and everything in between. He’ll start with basic API request/response validation using the Joi object schema description language. Then, Wes will build upon that base by bringing Joi into the request handlers and database access layer to provide data validation inside of the business logic. Finally, Wes will finish by looking at how Joi and Felicity can be leveraged to provide both data models inside of the app as well as mock data for unit test.

Don’t miss this talk and opportunity to connect with Wes and the rest of the team at XO Group. Use the code XOXOGROUP for a 50% discount. Space is extremely limited. Sign-up now to make sure you reserve your spot.

Get to Know and Connect with Wes

DockerCon, EnterpriseJS and NodeSource, oh my!

Starting April 17th at DockerCon in Austin, Texas, we have an amazing week of Node.js, Containers and Enterprise JavaScript that you’ll want to be a part of. The NodeSource team of solutions architects will be available for 1:1 deep dive meetings to help solve the pain points of managing devops for Node.js, Docker and containerization and orchestration booth E5. We look forward to seeing you there.

Then on Thursday, April 20th, NodeSource and EnterpriseJS is taking over. Reserve your space today for "Node.js DevOps Training for Docker" with Nathan White and Joe Doyle. We’ll be at the new Condé Nast Austin office with training from 1-5pm CT. At 5:30pm CT, enterprise teams from all over Austin and the world are coming together for EnterpriseJS hosted by HomeAway in downtown Austin. NodeSource Founder and Chief Evangelist, Dan Shaw, will lead the evening with talks this Wes Tyler and speakers from PayPal and HomeAway rounding out the lineup. At 9:15pm CT, immediately following EnterpriseJS, we’ll all be heading to The Ginger Man for DrinksJS from NodeSource, XO Group, Intuit, PayPal, IBM, HomeAway, and more.

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