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Up Next: VS Code, Docker, and Shipping to the Cloud

For developers and DevOps working on software that’s shipping to production, there’s a forever evolving set of tools to help streamline and simplify the process of shipping code. Node.js is, itself, one tool that really enables rapid prototyping and quick deployments with ease. With Node.js as a core platform, though, there are a suite of tools that further help in this process - tools that enable automation around your workflows to help ship early and ship often.

On the 23rd, we’ll be talking with Jonathan Carter of Microsoft about a suite of these tools and how they can be whittled down and combined into one, seamless workflow to allow you to build out and maintain an entire development lifecycle in one simple workflow.

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From before I knew the how of developing a workflow and choosing the right tools for the job, one of the hardest things for me was to settle on the parts of a process, from the first line of code to getting it up and running on a server. On the 23rd, Jonathan will be sharing how you can write your Node.js apps and services in VS Code, Dockerize them, and get them deployed in production on Azure with orchestration and N|Solid. Basically, the full flow of your development process to massively-scalable production.

As an overview, here’s what you can expect to learn from Jonathan:

  • Setting up a development workflow with VS Code and Node.js

  • Dockerizing your Node.js apps with VS Code’s built-in integration

  • Deploying your Dockerized app to the cloud with N|Solid as your Node.js runtime

  • Setting up Kubernetes as an orchestration layer for your app

I’m super excited for this webinar with Jonathan - I’ve worked with Jonathan several times over the last few months, and can’t wait to nail down this workflow myself to ship several ideas for fun apps I’ve had recently.

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Just one more thing...

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