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PagerDuty integration with N|Solid

In the latest version of NSolid v4.4.2 NodeSource introduced the new PagerDuty integration that allows users to configure message notifications that are automatically triggered when your Node.js application experiences critical performance, lifecycle, and/or security events in production.

This ensures DevOps professionals looking after applications running in production, can be notified on time about new performance and security issues.

With this integration, now you are able to take advantage of NSolid by receiving automated alerts through Microsoft Teams, Slack, Webhooks, Emails and PagerDuty 📩💥

In Global Notifications in N|Solid Console, you will be able to see the New Notification dropdown.


If you click on the dropdown, you can see the different integrations that N|Solid supports (Slack, Microsoft Teams, Webhook, Email) and now PagerDuty.


Once you click Pager Duty, you will be redirected to the window below where you can give a name to recognize your integration, click on next and then “save notification”.


Now on your Global Notifications window you will be able to see the new integration created and also be notified about every vulnerability, new CPU Profile and New Heap Snapshot

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The DevOps professional will receive a notification like this:


And that would be it! Now you are able to receive notifications in real time in PagerDuty about your Node.js application and then take measurements about the issues found.

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