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Online JavaScript and Node.js Conferences to Attend

We live in a different world now, and it is necessary to adapt. At the beginning of the year we published a blog post about Node.js and JavaScript conferences you should attend in 2020. Most of those conferences are now cancelled, were rescheduled or moved online.

In this blog post provides a list of online and rescheduled JavaScript and Node.js Conferences to Attend in 2020.


ReactEurope - Online


  • Link to join here
  • Date:
    • May 14-15th, 2020 (online conference)
    • May 12-13th-16th, 2020 (online workshops)
  • Tickets: €399-625
  • Speakers here

ReactEurope is historically the place where many new industry standards in the React community are revealed to the world. This included the first public demo of redux and time travel, the release of GraphQL, react native reanimated, mobx-state-tree and more.

Half Stack - Online

Half Stack online

  • Link to join here
  • Date: May 22
  • Tickets: $19
  • Speakers here

An authentic, creative celebration of UI-centric JavaScript and web development.

They felt they could and should do something to further connect the JS and web communities with an infusion of creativity since we cannot currently meet in person.

Sessions focus on things that use the web platform to express creativity, including music, art, VR, thought computing, robots, games, poetry, comedy, and more.

React Finland - Online

react finland

  • Link to join here
  • Date: May 25-28
  • Tickets: €30-249
  • Speakers here

Learn More about React.

Node.js Global Summit - Online

Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 5.09.06 PM

  • Link to join here
  • Date: May 25-28
  • Tickets: Free - $300
  • Speakers here

Selected NO-WATER DEEP topics
Watch live stream
Access to Q&A sessions
Access to all tracks
Workshops discount
Access to recordings
Slack chat access


SmashingConf Live - Online

smashinconf live

  • Link to join here
  • Date: June 9-10
  • Tickets: $175-525
  • Speakers here

Meet SmashingConf Live (June 9–10), a truly smashing, friendly online conference on front-end & UX. With interactive live sessions, practical insights, accessible speakers, collaborative notes and fireplace chats with like-minded folks.

React Next - Likely to be rescheduled

react next

  • Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Date: June 15th
  • Tickets: €155-300
  • Speakers here

750+ attendees shaping the technology of tomorrow, 18+ speakers coming from all around the world, two-track, one-day professional conference.

HolyJS - Online


  • Link to join here
  • Date: June 22-25
  • Tickets: €163-650
  • Speakers here

HolyJS 2020 Piter will be the ninth in a row JavaScript conference held by JUG Ru Group. JS developers will be brought together to discuss the present and future of the JavaScript community with the world's leading experts to watch dozens of frontend talks and much more. They will cover both backend and desktop.

OpenJS World - Online


  • Link to join here
  • Date: June 23-24
  • Tickets: Free!
  • Speakers here

The OpenJS Foundation’s annual event brings together the JavaScript and web ecosystem including Node.js, Electron, AMP and more. In 2020, they are going virtual to learn and engage with leaders deploying innovative applications at massive scale.


React Week ‘20 - Likely to be rescheduled

react week

  • Location New York, NY.
  • Date: July 14-18
  • Tickets: $599-2,000
  • Speakers here

React Week New York 2020 – 5 days dedicated to React. A community-driven event including:

  • Full-Day Workshops
  • Master Classes
  • Exclusive Meetups
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • 12-Hour Hackathon
  • After parties
  • And they top these off with their main event, a 2-track conference day!

JSCamp Barcelona


  • Location: Barcelona, Spain
  • Date: July 16-17
  • Speakers here

Participants get to learn best practices and case studies for different developer tools, new frameworks, platforms and techniques across the Web stack.


JavaScript and Friends - Likely to be rescheduled

JavaScript and friends

  • Location: Dublin - Ireland
  • Date: August 13-14
  • CFP here

The JavaScript and Friends Conference (JS&Friends) is a not-for-profit conference, organized by a team of volunteers. The organizers are active or aspiring software professionals, who are excited to bring together a diverse group of JavaScript enthusiasts and friends to learn and network. With this conference, the organizers want to contribute to the cultivation of a welcoming, inclusive, and dynamic tech scene throughout the midwestern United States, and beyond!

You Gotta Love Frontend - Rescheduled


  • Location: Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Date: August 27-28
  • Tickets: €326.70
  • Speakers here

YGLF is a non-profit conference that delivers high-quality content on the hottest frontend topics.

Internationally recognized speakers and attendees from the developer community join together in August, to keep up to date on cutting-edge technologies.


React Native EU - Online

react native

  • Link to join here
  • Date: September 1-4
  • Tickets: €80

React Native provides an opportunity to learn about and meet other React Native enthusiasts and to provide you with the best possible conference experience.
‍ As always: Community, core contributors, insights and tons of knowledge - all this is waiting for you at our virtual event.

International JavaScript Conference


  • Location: London, UK.
  • Date: September 2 - 4
  • Tickets: €494-764
  • Speakers here

Attend inspiring sessions and in-depth workshops to learn what you need to push your JavaScript skills to the next level.

JSNation - Rescheduled


  • Location Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Date: September 8-10
  • Tickets: €40-170
  • Speakers here

Do you want to know the future of the JavaScript ecosystem and get connected to a stellar crowd? This conference unites library authors and core teams with engineers. They recognize JavaScript development as an art of engineering, and that is why the conference offers both a JS-driven art exhibition and audiovisual performances powered by JavaScript during the afterparty.



  • Location: Verona, Italy
  • Date: September 10-11
  • Tickets: €149-369
  • Speakers here

JSDay 2020 is a one-day conference where community members from around the world come together to learn and share information about the latest trends and technologies in professional JS development.

React Summit Amsterdam - Rescheduled

react summit

  • Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Date: September 11
  • Speakers here

A full-day, two-track conference on all things React, gathering Front-end and Full-stack engineers across the globe in the tech heart of Europe. They are coming back with a new date September 11, 2020. Mark your calendars for the biggest React community event.

Next to the main conference day, be prepared for a number of hands-on workshops, pre-party meetups, and mini conferences throughout the week of the event.

CityJS Conf - Rescheduled


  • Location: London, UK.
  • Date: September 14-16
  • Tickets:
  • Speakers here

React, and GraphQL Workshops, 11 International Speakers, all about TypeScript, React, Vue, Testing, IoT, NodeJS, React Native.


NG Rome

NG Rome

  • Location: Rome - Italy
  • Date: October 20th
  • Visit the webpage here

The largest online Italian Angular Conference is taking place at NG Rome. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or an expert, this will be the best opportunity to learn about the latest trends in the Angular world and web technologies. A full afternoon of news and tips about Angular and the opportunity to participate with interactive panels in the conversation. This year we will focus our conference as an online experience.

JS Fest - Rescheduled


  • Location: Kyiv - Ukraine
  • Date: October 30-31
  • Tickets: $260-290
  • Speakers here

JS Fest - international conference covering all aspects of JavaScript development. It is one of the biggest JS conferences in Eastern Europe which brings together hundreds of experienced like-minded people.


NodeConf Remote - Online


NodeConf Remote will take place from the 2nd – 6th November. The daytime format will remain as close as possible to NodeConf EU with multiple 20 minute talks broadcast each day for free and available for anyone. A collection of remote workshops offered at a modest cost will also be available.

SmashingConf San Francisco - Rescheduled


  • Location: San Francisco, CA.
  • Date: November 10-11
  • Tickets: $499-1497
  • Speakers here

SmashingConf SF 2020 -November 10–11th - is bringing back two full days packed with front-end, UX and all that jazz! Live sessions on performance, accessibility, interface design, copywriting, designing for emotion, debugging and fancy CSS/JS techniques — and a few surprises along the way. 🎸

NG Poland

Screen Shot 2020-09-02 at 5.02.15 PM

  • Location: Warsaw, Poland.
  • Date: November 18-21
  • Tickets: $100-265 USD
  • Call for Papers here

The Biggest Angular Conference In CEE hibrid edition. Every year we are happy to host the best experts in the flied of Angular, TypeScript, RxJS, Redux, etc. Their presentations will let you expand your current knowledge, get practical tips and learn new trends.

NG Enterprise

Screen Shot 2020-09-02 at 5.15.57 PM

  • Location: Warsaw, Poland.
  • Date: November 18-21
  • Tickets: $100-265 USD
  • Call for Papers here

Enterprise NG is aimed at helping Angular enterprise leaders succeed in transforming your organization by adopting principles and practices that will put you ahead of our rapidly-changing industry. Our goal is to give leaders the tools and practices you need to develop and deploy software faster and win in the marketplace.

HalfStack London - Rescheduled

Half Stack London

  • Location: London, UK.
  • Date: November 20th
  • Tickets: $50-200
  • Speakers here

An authentic, high value experience for attendees and sponsors focused on UI-centric JavaScript and web development.

HalfStack carefully curates talks that inspire and inform the audience in a highly interactive and entertaining manner. An intimate feeling where each attendee has time to meet one another.

NG+ Developers Conference

Screen Shot 2020-09-02 at 4.47.03 PM

  • Online
  • Date: November 21-22
  • Tickets: $1-2 USD per talk
  • Speakers here
  • Visit the webpage here

Come and join a two day feast of technical knowledge sharing from the world's leading experts!

This is a brainstorm to broaden your horizons and explore new opportunities in the industry; a good opportunity to quickly boost your expertise and market value!

In the post-epidemic era, various industries will inevitably undergo transformations driven by new technology, new products, and new business models.


HalfStack Charlotte - Rescheduled


  • Location: Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Date: December 11
  • Tickets: $1000 (team ticket)
  • Speakers here

An authentic, high value experience for attendees and sponsors focused on UI-centric JavaScript and web development.

One Last Thing...

If we are missing any conference please send us a DM on Twitter

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