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N|Solid v1.3: Protection, Productivity, Performance

Node.js continues to gain momentum as a major new paradigm for app development, with N|Solid clearly establishing itself as the right solution for enterprise Node.js development. Announcing N|Solid v1.3, which provides increased developer productivity, protection of critical applications, and peak application performance.

N|Solid enterprise-grade Node

Ensuring Platform Security

One of the primary advantages that Node offers is its rich ecosystem of modules, which provides development teams a broad range of capabilities to incorporate into their apps. But as with any other ecosystem supported by a growing base of users and developers, security vulnerabilities are bound to develop. Understanding your exposure to vulnerabilities and monitoring your remediation progress is key to keeping your application secure.

N|Solid identifies and monitors security vulnerabilities in your application. A streamlined Security view combined with straightforward alerting provides awareness across your entire environment.

N|Solid monitors security vulnerabilities

In addition to detecting vulnerabilities, N|Solid leverages a policy-based security mechanism that provides control over module usage and can enforce secure memory allocations at the runtime level. These protections prevent both unintended data exposure and unauthorized code from accessing the underlying system.

Exposure Visibility. N|Solid presents a clear view of your exposure to vulnerabilities, showing which specific applications and processes are exposed to each vulnerability. The system directly examines running code for known package vulnerabilities, with no need to access code repositories or make changes to your CI/CD workflow. Alerts notify you when your exposure levels change.

By integrating vulnerability awareness into the runtime, N|Solid enables you to visually track remediation progress across multiple applications through the powerful Security view.

The Security view also identifies third-party packages that have been modified. Knowing which packages have been modified, and in what way, is essential to understanding your application's security profile.

Enterprise Production Monitoring

Managing a Node.js environment at scale can be a significant challenge. All the various monitoring tools need to work together to provide a complete view incorporating thousands of individual applications and supporting processes. The N|Solid Console provides monitoring and performance analysis of all your Node.js applications in a unified view.

When a performance issue arises, capturing detailed application performance data can be the key to quickly identifying the root cause. N|Solid enables production-safe, single-click CPU profiling and heap snapshots—getting you right to the heart of the problem immediately.

Threshold Monitoring. N|Solid provides a threshold-based system for capturing CPU profiles and heap snapshots while a performance problem is occurring. Using an intuitive visual interface, you can set and monitor thresholds for CPU utilization and heap usage as well as collection frequency. Email notifications also alert you when these thresholds have been reached.

N|Solid Console performance analysis

N|Solid goes beyond service monitoring and APM solutions that provide visibility into application responsiveness. Capturing forensic data for specific processes during a performance event enables faster resolution. Profiles and snapshots are immediately available in the Console for analysis.

Maximizing Performance

The N|Solid Console allows teams to quickly identify and focus on analyzing performance issues, not waste time swimming through a sea of processes and data. The N|Solid Console provides intuitive visualizations that scale to hundreds of processes and hosts, providing intuitive monitoring of your application performance and critical security data. Combined with your APM solution, N|Solid provides a complete view of your application performance. It provides developers, devops, and security staff an optimized platform for running Node.js applications at scale, with confidence.

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