NodeSource N|Solid v2.0: Secure, Reliable, Extensible

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NodeSource N|Solid v2.0: Secure, Reliable, Extensible

Just over a year ago, we launched N|Solid 1.0 as the flagship product of NodeSource. After an incredible year for both NodeSource and Node.js, we are incredibly excited to announce our next major milestone: the release of NodeSource N|Solid 2.0.

N|Solid, the platform built on Node.js and designed to specifically provide a platform for the unique needs of the businesses to achieve a secure, reliable, and extensible Node.js environment, has grown tremendously in the past year - with a multitude of feature additions that have advanced the platform making it the obvious choice for running Node.js applications.

The N|Solid runtime can be implemented anywhere you’re using Node.js today. N|Solid delivers a feature-rich environment for Node.js application monitoring, and provides enterprise-grade enhancements, with zero modifications to your application code.


Node.js applications are built with a wide variety of tools, systems, and packages. With the release of N|Solid v2.0, our goal is to simplify the task of ensuring that Node.js applications are easily hardened against a wide array of possible vulnerabilities and exploits exposed by these dependencies.

N|Solid offers a suite of security enhancing tools, including runtime package vulnerability monitoring, customizable application security policies, and 24-hour guaranteed response to security updates in the core Node.js project. All these are available by simply using N|Solid as a drop-in replacement for your Node.js runtime.


Node.js applications have the possibility to outperform monolithic applications by leaps and bounds, with a simplified and maintainable codebase. Using the newly released N|Solid 2.0, it’s painless for developers, business, and enterprises alike to actively identify and address any performance bottlenecks or production problems that their Node.js applications encounter.

N|Solid establishes a baseline of high-reliability for Node.js with features such as CPU profiling and analysis, application heap snapshots, and async activity insights.

N|Solid is also backed by 24/7 product support from NodeSource, which has a leading team of Node.js developers from around the world to ensure that N|Solid is the most stable, robust, and dependable production platform for Node.js applications.


Node.js applications can be augmented with external tooling for needs like performance monitoring, diagnostic metrics, and much more. In the newly-released N|Solid 2.0, the Node.js applications toolset available to users of N|Solid are instantly expanded with features like threshold monitoring and alerts, real-time application metrics, and integration tooling for APM and other monitoring tools.

Node.js with NodeSource N|Solid

We created N|Solid to deliver a complete solution to cater to the needs of the entire team - developers, devops, and operations. We’ve been working hard over the last year to ensure that experience has been continuously improving. We’re extremely excited to be able to release NodeSource N|Solid 2.0 as our second major milestone to serve your needs.

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