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NodeSource Partners with Google to Offer N|Solid as Enterprise Node.js Platform on Google Cloud Platform

N|Solid, the enterprise Node.js platform, is the best solution for deploying and running Node.js at scale. It is now also the best solution for running Node.js applications on Google Cloud Platform.

Google Cloud NodeSource is partnering with Google to be the primary provider of an instrumented Node.js runtime on the Google Cloud Platform. This partnership will offer Node.js developers a simple, out-of-the-box solution for getting deep insight into their Node.js applications running on the Google Cloud platform. N|Solid will soon be available as a push-button solution on the Google Cloud Launcher.

A preview of N|Solid on Google Cloud Platform will be given at Google Next (Thursday 3/24 at 1:15) by NodeSource co-founder and CEO, Joe McCann. By partnering with cloud providers, NodeSource is making the benefits of the N|Solid platform more accessible than ever.

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