N|Solid 2.1.0 Released with Features to Improve Your Experience

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NodeSource N|Solid 2.1.0 Released to Improve Mission Critical Node.js

It’s been about 2 months since we brought you N|Solid 2.0, and we’ve been busier than ever! You may have heard about NodeSource Certified Modules at Node Interactive, but we've still been hard at work improving NodeSource N|Solid to ensure that mission cricitcal Node.js!

Today we’re happy to announce the release of N|Solid 2.1.0, which includes such a wealth of features and improvements that we can’t possibly cover everything. Here’s just a few things that could make your experience even greater.

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New Features in N|Solid 2.1.0

Counts of Filtered Processes in the N|Solid Console

If you have a large number of hosts or tags, when viewing a filtered set of them in the N|Solid Console you’ll now get an accurate count of the N|Solid Agent processes being represented. In a large and dynamic environment, this finger on the pulse of your fleet can help illuminate specific trends from the processes from inside the current view.

N|Solid Filter Count - 2.1.0 Release

Function Locations Directly from CPU Profiles

You probably know that CPU profile visualizations are very powerful tools to identify the source of slowness in your application. You may have noticed that anonymous functions or unfamiliar code can delay translating this into action, because it’s just not clear where the problematic code lives. N|Solid Console now provides filename and line number information corresponding to the function’s source, whether it’s named or anonymous, right where you need it!

N|Solid Resource Usage - 2.1.0 Release

Configurable Data Retention Period for Process Metrics

By default, N|Solid has previously held onto a week of metrics data for your processes. Users of the N|Solid CLI could leverage this to view how their application has performed over this pre-defined period of time.

With the release of N|Solid 2.0, there’s a new setting to enable a custom data retention period. Now, you'll be able to collect data about processes over a period of time that's defined by you, enabling long-term analysis of processes' performance.


Agents are now instantly removed from the N|Solid Console upon exit

To further improve accuracy in your N|Solid Console, we’ve reduced the amount of time that applications which are no longer running remain visible in your graphs and charts. Are your applications churning and burning? No problem, we’ll keep up!

N|Solid Console moved to port 6753 to avoid conflicts with Express

Users of N|Solid Console are sometimes surprised to find that by using port 3000, it would interfere with their Express applications during development. Going forward, the N|Solid Console will default to port 6753, which as always is still adjustable by setting the NSOLID_CONSOLE_PORT environment variable.

By the way, if you need a hint to remember that number? It’s NSLD on your phone’s dialpad!

Modules with Snyk-provided patches applied are no longer flagged as insecure

If you are using N|Solid to stay on top of critical security vulnerabilities, that's great! Now, thanks to our partnership with Snyk, we also eliminate false positives if you use Snyk's tools that provide patches for vulnerable packages.

Improved macOS 10.12 Compatibility

If you prefer to keep up with the front-line of operating system updates, you may have experienced some difficulty with N|Solid on macOS Sierra. We’ve worked to improve compatibility with this OS and you should have a much smoother experience with N|Solid 2.1.0.

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