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Announcing NodeSource Certified Modules for Node.js

Today, at Node Interactive North America, we have the incredible opportunity and pleasure to announce a new product line for NodeSource - Certified Modules™.

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What are NodeSource Certified Modules?

NodeSource Certified Modules addresses multiple concerns with the Node.js Module ecosystem. Concerns in the ecosystem with high-availability, with a curated selection of only the best packages- all verified and certified through rigorous analysis with the NodeSource Certification Process™.

What do NodeSource Certified Modules offer?

NodeSource Certified Modules provide a suite of features to enable developers, businesses, and enterprises to use Node.js modules with real assurances of security, reliability, and support.

One aspect of built-in security in NodeSource Certified Modules is that a module will only be certified if and when they have zero known security vulnerabilities. Additionally, Certified Modules will instantly surface an update when new vulnerabilities are disclosed.

A worry we’ve heard over and over is the concern about immutability in the ecosystem. What happens when one of your dependencies goes away? We’ve built NodeSource Certified Modules to solve this problem - to solve the exact situation that the Node.js community encountered with left-pad. Certified Modules are immutable, and never unpublished.

Finally, we’ve built NodeSource Certified Modules to be a dead-simple, one-time change to your current npm configuration ensures you are fetching from a secure, reliable, and supported source.

The NodeSource platform offers a high-definition view of the performance, security and behavior of Node.js applications and functions.

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