NodeSource Meetup: Streams and Promises in Node.js - Recap

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NodeSource Meetup: Streams and Promises in Node.js - Recap

This week, we held the first NodeSource Meetup of the new year. The topic of this month's meetup was Streams and Promises in Node.js - covering two parts of the Node.js and JavaScript ecosystems that can be a bit difficult to wrap your mind around.

Thankfully, we were able to have Lauren Spiegel and Lam Chan as guest speakers to talk about their experiences with Streams and Promises, and how they've implemented them with Node.

Here's our quick recap of January's NodeSource Meetup, featuring two talks, one on streams and one on promises, in addition to a group panel featuring both Lauren and Lam, with Rod Vagg as an additonal panel member.

Talk 1: Ready Set Stream by Lauren Spiegel

Streams in Node.js are an extremely powerful tool that developers can use to manipulate data to their will. In Ready Set Stream, Lauren runs over a quick introduction to streams, and walks through three examples of custom streams - a stream to calculate a MD5 sum, calculating the MD5 of streamed files from multiple sources, and pre-fetching data into a queue to speed up feeding that data into a response.

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Talk 2: Using Promises in the Enterprise by Lam Chan

Promises have become one of the most discussed topics in JavaScript and Node.js in recent times. In Using Promises in the Enterprise, Lam Chan takes a deep dive into how Promises stack up to what XOGroup looks for when adopting new tools and methodologies into their stack - things like maintainability, speed of bug identification and isolation, the difficulties for engineering in the path to adoption, and more.

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Group Panel: Streams and Promises in Node.js with Lauren Spiegel, Lam Chan, and Rod Vagg

For this group panel, the NodeSource Meetup speakers Lauren Spiegel and Lam Chan are joined by Rod Vagg and Dan Shaw to discuss use of promises with streams, the similarities between the two, the WHATWG Streams, making wrapping callback structures to use promises, and a ton more.

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