NodeSource Livestreams: Node.js Core Development on Twitch

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NodeSource Livestreams: Node.js Core Development on Twitch

Just a little while ago (around the same time we announced NodeSource Certified Modules) we kicked off an new experiment with Jeremiah Senkpiel, Node core developer and member of the Node.js CTC. We started doing weekly livestreams on Twitch - typically a game livestreaming platform, which has begun to bloom in other areas of streaming, including programming.

We've been doing these livestreams with Jeremiah for just over three months. In that time, Jeremiah has consistently focused his streams to knock out bugs in the core Node.js project, improving overall code coverage, and showing us the process of working on Node.js core.

As an observer, it's been a truly awesome experience that's turned what was previously an unkown, seemingly impossible feat, into something understandable, friendly, and achievable.

As such, I'm excited to be able to share an update about our Node.js livestreams!

Regular Programming Schedule for Node.js Streams

Starting next week, we'll be doing streams every single Friday. This means that we'll be bringing you Node.js streams on a consistent, weekly basis.

For now, we're going to continue to play to our strengths and do Node.js Core streams, focusing on improving Node.js Core in an open, friendly, and welcoming environment. That said, be sure to keep an eye out for some interesting, focused streams from other NodeSource team members!

If you're interested in watching our Node.js Livestreams on Twitch, be sure to follow NodeSource on Twitch. If you want to find out when exactly we'll be going live, follow @NodeSource on Twitter - we always tweet leading up to when we go live on Twitch!

The NodeSource Streams Will Now be Available on YouTube

Moving forward, we'll be exporting every NodeSource livestream on Twitch to NodeSource on YouTube!

Did you miss a stream? From now on, you'll be able to watch all our Node.js livestreams on our YouTube channel, anytime you'd like. Be sure to subscribe to the channel if you want to watch the recordings our livestreams, in addition to our future NodeSource Meetups and NeedToNode Node.js Webinars.

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