NodeSource at Node Summit 2017

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NodeSource at Node Summit 2017

Next week, NodeSource will be headlining at Node Summit. Node Summit is the largest event with a sole focus on Node.js, and is the primary venue for the businesses that use Node.js to meet and network.

You can meet the team at our booth in the atrium, and in various parts of the conference, giving workshops, presenting talks, and participating in panels. We’ll all be wearing some slick new NodeSource shirts - you can grab one for yourself, as well as a bunch of other swag, at our booth!

The Evolution of the Node.js Ecosystem

Speaker: Rod Vagg, Chief Node Officer, NodeSource

Location: Level 2, Main Stage

Time: Day 1, 9:35am

Brief: Node.js started 8 years ago as a passion project of a single individual who had the courage to build the project with everyone who wanted to contribute. Now that little project has grown to more than 8 million users worldwide. Node.js is supplanting Java and .NET development as the web application server of choice. We'll explore the evolution along the way, how Node.js has grown and how companies across every industry have used Node.js to accelerate application development to deliver great user experiences rapidly.

From Tarballs to Your Package Manager: Considerations for Packaging Node.js for Linux

Speaker: Chris Lea, Senior Engineer, NodeSource

Location: Level 1, Fisher West

Time: Day 2, 11:10am

Brief: The most popular operating system to run production Node.js applications on is, by a wide margin, Linux. One of the great strengths of the Linux ecosystem is the availability of good package management systems that make it easy to install software and associated dependencies. For these reasons, NodeSource has been sponsoring the creation of high quality Node.js packages for many years. In this talk, we'll look at some of the systems that are utilized in the creation of these packages, as well as some of the design considerations that are attached to the package ecosystem.

Ch-ch-changes in the Node.js Community


  • Myles Borins, Developer Advocate, Google
  • Tierney Cyren, Developer Advocate, NodeSource
  • Kat Marchán, CLI Engineer, npm
  • Rachel White, Technical Evangelist, Microsoft


  • Tracy Hinds, Education Community Manager, Node.js Foundation

Location: Level 2, Main Stage

Time: Day 2, 2:20pm

Brief: The Node.js project is changing as much as ever, and with change comes so much opportunity to improve and thrive. There’s a lot of great momentum in so many of the working groups and in the ecosystem that has helped to drive the growth of Node.js. This year, we’re seeing a whole new set of leaders step up and help grant agency to those excited to take on more responsibility and help grow the project. We’ll hear some great new and old-hat contributors to the collaboration of Node.js who are helping lay the groundwork for success years to come.

One last thing…

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