NodeSource at JSConf EU 2018 and Beyond

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NodeSource at JSConf EU 2018 and Beyond

Next week, the NodeSource team will be heading to Berlin for quite a week of Node.js JavaScript in Europe!

As a quick aside, if you’ll be around before or after JSConf EU, be sure to check out (that’s not a typo!) to see a list of quite a few other JavaScript and ecosystem events that are happening around the same time.

Pre-show: Node.js Collaborator’s Summit EU and BerlinJS Meetup.

Several team members will be attending and participating in the Node.js Collaborator’s Summit for two days of working in-person with Node.js collaborators in Europe. If you’ll be attending the Collaborator’s Summit and would like to chat about Node.js and NodeSource, you should catch up with Jeremiah Sinkpiel, Julian Gruber, or Tierney Cyren (that’s me!).

On the 31st, I’ll be headed over to the BerlinJS JSConf Special meetup to give a talk on Building Foundations of the Node.js Community. Be sure to join the NodeSource team members attending the event!

Showtime: JSConf EU 2018

This year we’re headed out to JSConf EU 2018 as sponsors of the event! This event personally holds a very dear spot in my heart, as one of the organizers was kind enough to send me the very first tech stickers I ever got, directly from Europe to the US.

We’ll be at JSConf EU with some sweet NodeSource swag to give back to the JavaScript and Node.js community in Europe! Be sure to stop by our booth to talk shop and learn about how we can help you and your org use Node.js to its fullest potential.

If you’re not registered with JSConf EU but would still like to get a ticket, there’s still a little bit of time to reigster!

Post-show: AWS Summit Berlin 2018

Just a few days after JSConf EU, we’ll be headed over to AWS Summit Berlin 2018! If you’re interested in the intersection of Node.js and AWS, be sure to grab a free ticket and join us at the event for all things AWS. After the awsome success that AWS Summit London was, we’re extremely excited to head over to Berlin to meet up with more of the AWS community in Europe!

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