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Last Week in Node.js Working Groups

Week of May 30th, 2016

This is the first of a new weekly blog series by NodeSource, designed to cut through the noise and give you a clear overview of what has happened in the Node.js Working Group (WG) community over the past week.

Weekly Highlights

  • A Node Enhancement Proposal has been made discussing a new C++ libuv streams API, currently known as uv_link_t. [pull request]
  • The Korean translation group has been our most active translation group recently, continuing to this week. [repo]
  • The Website has seen some notable amount of activity:
    • The downloads pages have been given a Chinese translation. [commits]
    • There is a proposal for updating the downloadable computer desktop backgrounds to use the new logo. [issue]
    • The WG is discussing a better way to display deprecated APIs for the docs. [issue]
    • The Tracing WG is discussing the Chrome Debugging Protocol and Trace Events in more detail. [issue for CDP], [issue for Trace Events]
    • The Docker WG is looking to add a symlink to a nodejs binary for compatibility with some Debian / Ubuntu packages. [pull request]

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