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Last Week in Node.js Working Groups

Week of June 20th, 2016

Weekly Highlights

  • The LTS WG has created a tentative schedule for the next upcoming v4.x releases. [issue]
  • The Korean Translation Group has been pretty busy translating Node.js blog posts. [commits]
  • The ChakraCore team are making serious progress towards Linux support for Node-ChakraCore. [pull request]
  • The Enhancement Proposal for a public AsyncWrap interface appears to be nearing acceptance. [pull request]
    • Feedback has been mostly positive for quite some time now.
  • An adjustment to the ES Modules (002) Enhancement Proposal has been proposed, potentially allowing for parsing ES Modules without external metadata. [pull request]
    • Still requires buy-in from TC39 and the Node.js CTC.
  • The TSC is once again attempting to refine the definition of what “Node Core” is. [issue]

WG Project Releases

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