Announcing Node.js Certification From the Open.js Foundation

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Announcing Node.js Certification From the Open.js Foundation

Now you can prove the world you know Node.js

Today we are pleased to announce something hiring managers, developers and founders alike have been waiting for: The Open.js Foundation now offers certification for qualified Node.js Developers through their Node.js Application Developer and Service Developer programs!

The certification program is designed to demonstrate competence with the Node.js framework, allow developers to establish credibility, give recognition of expertise, and help with career advancement. Building on the work of community members and working alongside with the OpenJS Foundation and the Linux Foundation, NodeSource in collaboration with NearForm, helped curate the content and will continue to provide support to ensure the certification’s functional integrity and quality.


The exam reflects best practices observed across Node.js developers working across all levels including scaled adoption in enterprise settings. "We are thrilled to see this important initiative come to life, and are proud to have been a part of creating this opportunity to enable developers to validate their skills with certification. Backed by the foundation, supported by Nodesource and key community members we hope this will advance Node.js adoption and the amazing products and services being developed. We couldn't be more excited." Russ Whitman, CEO of NodeSource.

Should You Get The Certification?

The certification is a proof of knowledge and expertise. It helps you advance in your career and it provides developers with an opportunity to train, improve and demonstrate a specialized skills required to be a successful Node.js developer today.

Earning the certification not only signals a clear commitment to upleveling your skills, but also certifies your knowledge in a heavily sought field. In other words, you will stand out from other Node.js developers.

This certification it’s the next step for Node.js developers in the field and it’s an opportunity for training and continuous improvement. It’s an investment in yourself and your long-term career. Companies now will be able to find and hire Node.js experts easier, potentially increasing your earnings.

So, if you are a Node.js Developer and want to expand your abilities and recognition in the market, getting certified might be the right thing for you.

How Does This Work?

There are two certification exams, the OpenJS Node.js Application Developer (JSNAD) and OpenJS Node.js Services Developer (JSNSD).

JSNAD - is designed for anyone looking to demonstrate competence with Node.js to create applications of any kind, with a focus on knowledge of Node.js core APIs.

JSNSD - is designed for anyone looking to demonstrate competence in creating RESTful Node.js Servers and Services (or Microservices) with a particular emphasis on security practices.

Test at glance:
2 hours long
Performance-based exams delivered via a browser-based virtual environment
Each includes automatic free retake (if needed)
Monitored by a live human proctor
Conducted online in English.
Certification is valid for three years and includes a PDF Certificate and a digital badge.
Corporate pricing for groups of five or more

You can use Visual Studio Code and Vim as editors and it requires implementing multiple solutions within a Remote Desktop Linux environment.

Find enrollment information in the following links:

Candidates may choose to take either the JSNAD the JSNSD or both.

Why Two Exams?

As the core certification team began to pull content together for the final certification exam questions, it became clear that the sheer volume of questions and content was far greater than originally expected.

So, it was decided to divide the exam in two, for timing purposes (two smaller exams of two hours each instead of one long exam) and the separation of tracks allows a broader range of qualified developers to obtain certifications with different skill set.


There are many useful resources to get started with the certification, such as the OpenJS Node.js Application Developer Candidate Handbook and the OpenJS Node.js Services Developer Candidate Handbook.

If you are looking to accelerate your preparation, NodeSource is happy to announce an upcoming ✨ Node.js Certified Developer Bootcamp ✨ , designed to advance and refine particpant’s understanding of enterprise-ready Node.js. The bootcamp is taught by experienced industry experts and feature a hands-on intensive class that will provide you with the essential knowledge needed to get ready for the JSNAD and JSNSD.

The curriculum covers all the needed knowledge to give participants the confidence needed to successfully pass the Node.js Certified Developer Exam(s). Candidates will be able to sign up via the NodeSource website once available.

Other resources:
Exam Tips Frequently Asked Questions Certification and Confidentiality Agreement Verify Certification

Difference from other certifications

Even though there are other certifications and courses, only the JSNAD and JSNSD are the official certification of the Open.js Foundation.

The certification programs are part of the reputable Linux Foundation certifications which also include programs for Linux, Cloud Foundry, and Kubernetes.

The JSNAD and JSNSD certification programs distinguish themselves from other programs by covering knowledge domains that were identified and developed by the Node.js community itself and subsequently curated by industry experts NearForm and NodeSource. This ensures that prospective employers of JSNAD and JSNSD certified developers, can rely on enterprise-ready competence of Node.js, as determined by the community itself.


The exam costs $300 USD.
Corporate pricing for groups of five or more is available.

What’s Next?

If you want to keep up to date on the certification, the Node.js community and what's happening across the ecosystem, you should check out @NodeSource on Twitter and subscribe to our newsletter. We try to spread the word as far and wide as possible about the awesome things that are always happening in the community, the certification and the upcoming bootcamp.

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