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Need to Node - Volume 8

Over the past week the Node.js project has been gearing up for the upcoming Node.js Collaborator’s Summit that’s being paired with JSConf EU. Beyond that, there’s been work across the board on new initiatives and existing projects.

Here’s a recap of some of the highlights from the last week in Node.js:

What’s New in the Node.js Project

  • After a long process of getting it set up and going through the proper channels, the Security WG has launched a Bug Bounty program for Node.js Core, backed by the Internet Bug Bounty program.
  • The i18n team is continuing to iterate on the process of building out an integration with CrowdIn, the localization platform they’ve chosen. They’re beginning to go through the process of integrating it with the current Build WG’s setup and connecting it into the Node.js GitHub organization.
  • The Modules Team seems to be making significant progress on defining membership, which is a requirement to become a Working Group. This is an especially challenging task, since there are already over 40 participants in the team who are contributing and have varied definitions of what membership should be.
  • The readable-stream team released readable-stream@2.3.6.

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One Last Thing...

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