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Need to Node – Volume 38

Node.js v. 12.2.0 was shipped, and GitHub launched a package registry!

Check this week’s Need to Node to keep up to date with the latest news in Node.js project, events, and awesome articles. You are always welcome to collaborate and participate!

What’s New in the Node.js Project

  • Node 12.3.0 (Current) Released . Features in this release were overall fairly minor, but the most notable includes:
    • The --experimental-wasm-modules option, which enables WebAssembly modules support, allowing you to do import './module.wasm'
    • Supports error logging using util.inspect in case of fatal exceptions
    • Added process.on('uncaughtException') support for repl
    • Added the ability to unshift messages from the MessagePort on worker
  • Node 12.3.1 (Current) fixes a regression in 12.3.0 that prevented native addons from compiling.
  • If you are in Berlin, register to OpenJS Collab Summit! An event of the OpenJS foundation.
  • This week 10 years ago, Node.js was first released Happy birthday to our favorite runtime! 🎂🥳🎉
  • Now Open! Call For Papers for Node+JS Interactive if you want to talk in one of the most important Node.js conferences in the world, you can apply now!
  • ICYMI: Earlier this week, the OpenJS Foundation had its first Cross Project Council meeting. If you weren’t able to join live, you can watch the recording here

Awesome Articles, Links, and Resources

One Last Thing...

If you find any awesome Node.js or JavaScript things over the next week (or beyond!), never hesitate to reach out to us on Twitter at @NodeSource to share and get it included in Need to Node - our DMs are open if you don’t want to share publicly!

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