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Must-See: Awesome Talks at JS Conf EU 2019

With just 11 days remaining until the start of JS Conf EU 2019, I’ve been looking more closely at the speaker list for the event. While I expect all the sessions to be informative and exciting, these are the topics I’m most looking forward to hearing more about:

Tink: A Next-Generation Package Manager

With nearly 1,000,000 packages, the npm ecosystem is the largest out there, by far – but the ecosystem and its package manager were created in more humble times, for small projects and packages centered around the Node.js ecosystem itself.

It’s about time we redefined package management for modern web development, and that redefinition is tink: a package unwinder for JavaScript brought to you by npm itself. With tink, you’ll find unprecedented speeds, deep compatibility with everything from Node.js to bundlers, and a UX workflow optimized for the modern web developer. Come join us for the official unveiling and find out what the future of all package management will look like for years to come.

Presented by: Kat Marchán - @maybekatz

Embedding V8 in the real world

V8 is the JavaScript engine powering Google Chrome, Node.js and NativeScript. NativeScript embeds V8 to process JavaScript and dynamically call Android APIs. This enables developers to write Android applications in JavaScript and directly access the underlying OS. Come to this session to learn what challenges the NativeScript team met embedding V8 in a mobile framework and how you can power any C++ based application with one of the most sophisticated JavaScript engines.

Presented by: Stanimira Vlaeva - @StanimiraVlaeva

Performance Empathy

Performance advocates spend a lot of time telling developers how to build fast and reliable experiences on the web. Every website is built differently, however.

Instead of just listing a number of progressive enhancements and techniques, this talk will try to take a different approach. We’ll first explore who needs to consider improving their site in the first place and see if there is a messaging problem between advocates and developers in the community. We’ll then address concerns that can arise when performance is being worked on and discuss some real and practical solutions.

Presented by: Houssein Djirdeh - @hdjirdeh

ES2019 Features: What Even Are They?

Thankfully, every year ECMAScript gives us new shinies to advance how we code JavaScript. I’ve found myself digging into features & proposals ever since my curiosity of ES2017’s SharedArrayBuffer took me down a fascinating rabbit hole. Let’s delve into some of the features & proposals we get to look forward to in 2019.

Presented by: Tara Z. Manicsic @tzmanics

Recreating Retro Computer Art with JS!

Before personal computing became a thing, there was a handful of programmers and artists who saw computers as a tool beyond their intended purpose: to create art.

In this talk, we will explore the early history of computer art, from ghostly oscilloscope paints to pre-ASCII text art. We’ll discuss how simple techniques with limited technology back then could yield compelling pieces. We’ll see how the history of computer displays and printers have evolved in the 1950s to 1980s.

While quite a bit of retro art survives today, most of them do not come preserved with their algorithms. In this talk, I’ll also demo some attempts to recreate retro art pieces using p5.js, a JavaScript graphics library as well as talk through some of the techniques of creating generative computer art.

Presented by: Sher Minn Chong - @piratefsh

If you’ll be in Berlin for JS Conf EU this year, please stop by the NodeSource booth to say hello, pick up stickers or other swag, and talk all things Node and JavaScript with a member of our team.

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