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Need to Node – Volume 34

This week news it’s all about Node.js v. 12 release!

Check this week’s Need to Node to keep up to date with the latest news in Node.js project, events, and awesome articles. You are always welcome to collaborate and participate!

What’s New in the Node.js Project

  • Introducing Node.js 12. The newest ‘current’ branch of Node.js upgrades to V8 version 7.4, which provides memory and performance improvements as well as support for private class fields. Highlights also include TLS 1.3 support, a change in default HTTP parser, diagnostic reports, and worker threads.
  • Node 12's New Experimental ES Modules Support. Node.js v. 8.9.0 shipped with experimental support for ES modules, and thanks to widespread industry support for ES modules in general, Node 12 adds a new implementation. ES module support without using the --experimental-modules option is expected to land by October of 2019 when Node 12 reaches LTS status.
  • In the Community Committee, there is an issue for creating a list of companies that use Node.js, potentially in order to feature these logos on This would be independent from the application showcase, which also lives on the Foundation website.
  • In the package-maintenance repo, there is a list of packages that do not past tests in the latest LTS version. It is suggested that packages and any Node.js project, should upgrade to the latest LTS version.
  • In the User Feedback Committee, a feedback session has been proposed for May 13th in Portland, OR. The theme for this proposed session would be, "How does Node.js support your daily work?”
  • On the Collaborator Summit repo, there is a Summit topic proposal for security, modules, and Node.js. If you will be in Berlin on May 30-31, you should check this Summit!

Awesome Articles, Links, and Resources

One Last Thing...

If you find any awesome Node.js or JavaScript things over the next week (or beyond!), never hesitate to reach out to us on Twitter at @NodeSource to share and get it included in Need to Node - our DMs are open if you don’t want to share publicly!

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