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Need to Node – Volume 25

The new year is off to a great start with some fresh ideas from the open source community.

What's New in the Node.js Project

  • Tracy Lee (@ladyleet) posted an issue seeking input on the location of Node + JS Interactive 2019--possible locations include Denver, Seattle, Vancouver, and Toronto. Please make sure to comment before Jan 15.

  • Michael Dawson (via Sam Roberts) has proposed a regular cadence for Security releases, although “emergency” security updates would naturally still be addressed on an as-needed basis.

  • There’s an active discussion around a proposal from Shelley Vohr to create a NODE_MODULE_VERSION for major Electron releases.

  • If you’re fluent in Arabic, check out @IntersetllarClub/ where community members are invited to help translate the website.

  • A new proposal to automate PRs for code modifications has been shared by Charlie Robbins (@indexzero) in the package-maintenance project.

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One Last Thing...

If you find any awesome Node.js or JavaScript things over the next week (or beyond!), never hesitate to reach out to us on Twitter at @NodeSource to share and get it included in Need to Node - our DMs are open if you don’t want to share publicly!

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