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Need to Node - Volume 1

In the past we’ve done a series called "Last Week in Node.js Working Groups", recapping the week prior in the Node.js Project.

This recap was originally started by Jeremiah Senkpiel, and I took it on a few months ago. After managing the weekly recap for several months, I’ve seen which points are successful and where we could expand a bit.

Today, we’re going to be retiring the weekly Last Week in Node.js Working Groups, and introducing a new, more focused weekly recap of some of the most important discussions, articles, and resources you may have missed each week: Need To Node.

Need to Node is the moniker of our series of webinars in the past, but it’s too awesome of a name to let go. So, I’ll be adopting that name for the new weekly series and sharing a suite of information including interesting discussions in the Node.js project, weekly articles and resources, and other awesome happenings in the Node.js community. Let’s get started with this week’s Volume!

What’s New in the Node.js Project

  • The new i18n effort is gaining quite a bit of steam, having added several new contributors from past internationalization efforts in Node.js and those produced by the Electron community.
  • There was a recently planned Node.js 8.x release, but it was delayed because of two outstanding semver minor PRs against the release line. These PRs actually both add some pretty juicy bits, including an upgrade to V8 and support for OpenSSL 1.1.0. The release was delayed until March 6th.
  • A new team has been created to address ECMAScript Modules as a first-class citizen in the Node.js ecosystem, with members from quite a few backgrounds and experiences. This will hopefully lead to better consensus on a from individuals with experience with ESM on the front- and back-end.
  • After the Diagnostics WG on-site meeting in Ontario, there’s been some discussion that seemingly has consensus around bringing node-report into Node.js as a core module.

Awesome Articles and Resources

One Last Thing…

I personally am extremely excited for Need to Node, and I’m looking forward to engaging with the community more over the coming weeks and months on it to get your feedback on it!

If you’ve got anything you’d be interested in seeing or have any awesome articles, modules, or other resources in the Node.js community, feel free to reach out to us on Twitter at @NodeSource to share - our DMs are open if you don’t want to share publicly!

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