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NCM Desktop Beta Update – August 29th

Happy to share that we’ve shipped our first update to the NCM Desktop Beta that includes a variety of squashed bugs, minor tweaks, and a few dependency updates. This is the first set of post-launch updates and changes, while beginning to plan out the next few major feature releases around NCM.

What’s New?

Major updates:

  • Patch suggestion links on vulnerable modules in the module details screen to now link to the module’s suggested patch version on npm
  • Update to Electron 2.0.8, both as a resolution to the publicly disclosed Web Preferences Vulnerability

Minor updates:

  • Make compliance terminology more consistent by renaming all instances of "Uncompliant" to "Noncompliant"
  • Fix bug where after canceling the Add Project dialog we would should a success message nevertheless
  • Prevent login screens from going into full screen, in which case the design would break
  • Fix a bug where you couldn't re-add a project if you manually had deleted its .npmrc file

How can you use the updated NCM Desktop Beta?

If you’ve already got the NCM Desktop Beta installed, you will be prompted to update next time you open the app.

If you’d like to download the app for free today, head over to your NodeSource Account (or create one if you’ve not already!) and download the NCM Desktop Beta for your respective platform.

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