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Microsoft Teams Integration with NSolid

In the latest version of NSolid 3.10.1, NodeSource introduced the new Microsoft Teams integration that allows users to configure message notifications and webhooks that are automatically triggered when your Node.js application experiences critical performance, lifecycle, and/or security events in production.

This ensures DevOps professionals looking after applications running in production, can be notified on time of new performance and security issues, and then collaborate in either Slack or Microsoft Teams.

With this integration, now you are able to take advantage of NSolid by receiving automated alerts through Microsoft Teams, Slack, Webhooks and Emails 📩💥

How does this work?

Microsoft Teams Integration

Similar to how teams configure NSolid’s Slack integration, organizations using Microsoft Teams can now configure notifications to use Microsoft Teams incoming messages feature.

To set up Microsoft Teams in NSolid, users need to create a Microsoft Teams Incoming Webhook (see MS Teams docs here). This can be used to configure the Microsoft Teams integration in Settings > Integrations.


On the NEW TEAMS WEBHOOK page, you can enter the channel name they wish to post messages to in the WEBHOOK NAME field, and paste the webhook URL into the WEBHOOK URL and save the webhook. Once saved the integration is active and users can select Microsoft Teams as the notification destination of their set alerts. 🚨


Now the Microsoft Teams integration is available.


Once configured users can use the Microsoft Teams integration in both Threshold and Global Notifications.

To have NSolid send a Global Notification to your configured Microsoft Teams channel visit Settings > GlobalNotifications and select the configured Microsoft Teams Notification from the drop down.


Once selected users can observe the message format and content:


Users can also use the Microsoft Teams integration when their processes enter a saved view:


And that would be it! Now you are able to receive notifications in real time in Microsoft Teams about your Node.js application and then take measurements about the issues found.

The NodeSource platform offers a high-definition view of the performance, security and behavior of Node.js applications and functions.

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