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Last Week in Node.js Working Groups - September 11th

We had a week with quite a bit of activity in various parts of the Node.js GitHub Org at many different levels. There was also a suite of WG meetings from last week, all livestreamed to the Node.js YouTube account.

📰 News from the Working Groups

  • An issue was opened in the Node.js ChakraCore repo about how to support the ESM implementation that shipped in Node.js 8.5.0
  • A PR adding images of the new benchmarks to the benchmarking site based off of Node DC-EIS was submitted, and should be approved shortly.
  • The TSC has begun the nomination process to promote Gibson Fahnestock (@gibfahn) to the Release team and be a steward for the Node.js 8 LTS release.
  • A PR with an initial agenda and schedule for the Collaborator’s Summit at Node.js Interactive was submitted.
  • Several pull requests were submitted to begin refurbishing the nodejs/admin repo as an overarching repo for administrative tasks in the Node.js Foundation GitHub organization.
  • The Node.js EPS repo has been archived, as per TSC vote, in favor of individual repos for large enhancements (like HTTP/2 or node-chakracore, which have both been successful).

In addition to the news above, both the TSC and Community Committee had elections for roles last week - Michael Dawson became the TSC Chairperson, Myles Borins became the TSC Director, and Rachel White and Tierney Cyren were elected to co-chair of the Community Committee.

📦 Project Releases

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