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Last Week in Node.js Working Groups - October 2nd, 2017

Last week we were at Node Interactive, the event put on by the Node.js Foundation. A suite of collaborators and contributors to various projects and WGs were present, so there wasn't a huge amount of activity in GitHub. Many discussions happened on-site and at the Collaborator's Summit, and a lot of work will be surfacing from that over the next few weeks.

Here's a quick summary of what did happen last week in the public GitHub repos, across the org.

📰 News from the Working Groups

  • Several WGs had meetings at Node Interactive and took notes of those meetings. Here are the two that have already been posted:
  • There was a recent issue with the Node.js Docs returning a 404 for some users over the weekend. This was seemingly localized to the Dallas CloudFlare edge, and was discussed in the Build WG and Website WG repos.
  • Three tools are likely going to be moving into the Node.js GitHub org - make-node-meeting is one, in addition to branch-diff and changelog-maker. These tools were initially created by Rod Vagg and they have been widely used by the project for various purposes; as a part of the new admin repo, they’ll be brought into the org to minimize maintenance burden on Rod, and increase availability to Committee and WG members.
  • The 2018 Spring Collaborator’s Summit is being planned, starting now to give runway for more coordination between organizers and attendees. The initially proposed target is JSConf EU, but that may change because of the scheduled dates for JSConf EU (early June).

📦 Project Releases

📺 Live Node.js Meetings

  • Node.js Foundation Board Meeting

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