Last Week in Node.js Working Groups - Weeks of October 17 & 24

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Last Week in Node.js Working Groups

Weeks of October 17 & 24, 2016

Last week was quieter than usual as a lot of effort was put into the new v7 Current release line, as such, this is the summary for the last two weeks.

Weekly Highlights

  • πŸ“ The Post Mortem WG has created nodereport, a new open-source npm module that delivers human-readable diagnostic summaries. [repository]

  • πŸš€ The http-parser may be getting a significant performance boost. [pull request]

  • πŸ“ˆ The Testing WG is working on Node.js core test coverage metrics: [pull request]

  • 🚧 The Website WG is working on a new and improved translation workflow. [issue]

  • πŸ’― The Korean translation group continues to translate lots of content into Korean. [commits]

  • πŸ“° The Evangelism WG is working on a better way to provide summaries about important issue discussions that have become too large to read. [pull request]

WG Project Releases πŸ“¦

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