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Last Week in Node.js Working Groups - November, 14 2016

While seeming to be a quiet week on the surface, last week there was a fair amount of activity in many important projects.

Weekly Highlights

  • 📝 The version-management discussion group had their first meeting. [meeting notes]
  • 🔌 The Diagnostics WG is discussing how to make the nodereport module as easy & seamless as possible. [issue]
  • 🔬 llnode will so be able to inspect internal C++ properties on Objects. [pull request]
  • 🌒 node-chakracore now has nightly builds thanks to the Build WG. [issue]
  • 🚧 James Snell of the HTTP WG has continued to work on a viable HTTP/2 prototype for Node Core. [commit]
  • 👾 The nodejs-github-bot team has been working on automated back-portability checking for pull requests to Node Core. [commits]
  • 📡 The LTS WG has created a JSON file for Node.js release line status. [commit]
  • ➡️ The CTC meeting post issues have moved to the CTC repo. [issues]

WG Project Releases 📦

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