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Last Week in Node.js Working Groups - June 12th

Last week we began a return to a normalized amount of activity in the Node.js WGs and surrounding projects. We did have a set of updates, but few were directly related to the Node.js 8 release - meaning most of the needed post-release updates are complete or nearing completion. 🎉

📰 News from the Node.js Working Groups

  • The Node.js Build WG is working on updating gcc to use the same version (gcc 4.9.4) that recently landed in Node Core
  • An issue was opened in the Build WG to discuss and track any ongoing problems Raspberry Pi 3 NFS performance, regarding speed, after an unexpected outage two weeks ago
  • There’s ongoing discussion around dropping support for Node.js v0.10 and v0.12 in nan
  • A PR was submitted to kick off the Node.js Collection team’s, and has had quite a bit of discussion

📦 Node.js Project Releases

📺 Live Node.js Meetings

  • Post-mortem with Promises Discussion

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