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Last Week in Node.js Working Groups - July 17th

Continuing the trend of high activity every other week, we're had a slew of updates in the WGs and repos over the past seven days. I've included the non-technical updates below, but there was also an abnormally high amount of code and highly-technical contributions - exciting stuff is happening!

📰 News from the Working Groups

  • An issue was opened to discuss how the Build WG wants to continue handling SSL certificates for and
  • An issue to kick off work for validating downloadables via the CI process was created and is looking for more input/contributions
  • Discussion in the CTC repo around an upcoming release about TurboFan and Ignition for Node.js 8 continued throughout the week
  • PRs in both the CTC and CommComm were submitted to finalize the move of the Evangelism WG to be under the CommComm
  • The foundation for the Node.js Electron Installer was merged over the weekend
  • A PR adding an initial pass at the Node-DC-EIS to the benchmarking setup
  • An issue in the TSC repo was created to kick off a discussion around enabling 2FA for the entire Node.js GitHub org

📦 Project Releases

  • None this week!

📺 Live Node.js Meetings

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